Best Free Appointment Reminder App for Android

Here we have listed best and free appointment reminder app for android smartphones and tablets, this apps helps users to keep reminding their daily important works.

Wunderlist Task Manager

Wunderlist Task Manager is a task manager whose goal is to help you organize your life and your work. This app organizes your tasks into lists customized for you never miss an important meeting.


Each activity can be marked as important, and you can set reminders via email or notification to remember what to do. Moreover, it is also possible to choose a date and time to select a specific list for the task.

For starters, you need to do a quick registration in the system. Just enter your email address and password to continue. Then you can start creating your own tasks. The Wunderlist comes with a number of registered so you visualize the functioning of the app tasks.

To create a new task, tap on the sign for “more” in the upper right corner of the screen. With this, a flap opens and you can already enter all the data, such as title, notes, date, priority, and if you want the application to send an alert before the scheduled time.

On the main screen, select the most important tasks with a star, and automatically they go to the top of the list. When you complete a task, tap on the little square on the left corner of the line. So she goes to the end of the list and win a transparency.



Any.DO is an application that creates lists of tasks on your Android with widgets and notifications so you do not forget anything important. You can type or just tag your tasks with voice commands, with the help of the Google Voice Search.


To insert an item, click the microphone icon at the top of the page, or type your message. The lists can be sorted by date and priority. In addition, you can create multiple folders, separating work, college and leisure tasks.

To change a date, click on the item in the list and drag it to the matching, it can be today, tomorrow, this week or later. Tasks can be chewed with signal priority and receive notes.

You can still add alarms to warn that Android when a term is to win. Finally, you can add widgets (two different sizes) to your Android home screen.

Desktop Decorating Software With Fun Effect


The ease of use is what is most impressive: just set some options in the single application window for snow to fall the way you want. The lightness of the program (just over 50 kB) and the minimum occupancy of memory during use are also noteworthy because it works perfectly without you note any difference in the machine.

The program consists of a single window, which contains all possible configurations. The meter “Flakesdesktop decorate” change the number of snowflakes that fall, while “Transparency” controls the opacity and “Speed” changes the speed of the fall.

Each change is automatically performed – just leave always checked the “Activate / Deactivate” box on the right corner of the window. The other option causes the snow to start with your computer.

The program also has some extra options that add a little fun in decorating. In “Image / Texture”, you can modify the image Snowflake other figures, ranging from crystals of larger sizes up soccer balls.

Finally, “Deactivation” is the mechanism that closes the storm. Simply select the method (for clicks or keystrokes) and the interval until it can restart. You can usually close the DesktopSnowOK, since it stays minimized in the system bar.

Top 4 Best Free Video to GIF Converter Software

List of best and free software to convert video to GIF, it helps you to  segment high quality images from the video.


Free Video to Gif Converter

The Free Video to GIF Converter is an application whose function is to extract snippets of a video and turn them into images of type GIF.

It can be a great tool for turning funny or curious parts of some video animated GIF to post on some site or share with your friends.

If you always wanted to ride GIFs, but did not know how to start, will surely enjoy the application. The formats supported by the program are: AVI (DivX / XviD), WMV, MPEG, FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, VOB and MKV.


Cute Video to GIF Converter

Cute Video to GIF Converter is a good tool option for those who want to create a GIF image from a video. With it, you can select certain scenes or the entire contents of a multimedia file to compose your animated figure.

You do not need a computer to use with advanced graphics capabilities of the program. Any machine is able to run the application without problems. If you always wanted to ride animated images, but did not know how to start, will certainly see the Cute Video to GIF Converter as an ally.



Video to GIF Converter

Video to GIF Converter is a powerful software which, as its name delivery, allows you to create GIF animations from any video file with ease and total control.

For those who do not want complications, Video to GIF Converter is extremely simple: just choose the file you wish to convert, press “Next” and click “Run.” Within seconds, his lively image should be ready.



Free Easy Video to GIF

The Free Easy Video to GIF Converter is a tool that turns clips of various formats into one of the most famous animated extensions of the internet – something ideal for those who need to share just a snippet of a longer movie or want to separate an interesting part of a file to show someone without the video site.

As quality, it features a very simple interface, with a good color scheme, being straightforward and facilitating the conversion. The buttons are intuitive and well placed in the windows of the program.

Additionally, it supports several types of video files, allowing you to turn more clips of varying lengths in an animated GIF that can also have a number of different formats and resolutions.



Best Free Fun Android Games For Smartphone

We have collected some of the best and free  fun games for the android devices (Smartphone and tablets), where you have to use you hand and eye reflex, and judgement skills.



3D FREE BALL is a game of balance and skill that puts you to guide a ball into a three-dimensional world full of obstacles, slides, coins and precipices. 3d ball

The goal is to catch all the bonuses you can get and survive until the end of the phase.

Unlike other games of this genre, the control scheme does not require you to tilt the gadget in the desired direction, since there is an analog D-pad on the bottom right of the screen that takes care of all movements corner.

At first, there is only one stage available. You need to overcome the levels progressively for the next release. However, you can unlock all stages through a microtransaction.



SpeedX 3D

SpeedX 3D is a game of skill and quick reflexes that puts you to cross dimensional scenarios filled with obstacles and light effects. At first, the speedx-3dcylindrical environment facilitates dodge obstacles, but the scenery changes dynamically, making everything more complicated and fun.

The control scheme is completely based on the accelerometer. To change direction, simply tilt the gadget to the right or to the left. You should be careful not to move the device in the first seconds before starting a challenge because that is when SpeedX 3D calibrates the sensor.



aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free is a game of three-dimensional mazes to solve moving the device. The app uses Android’s accelerometer to move the ballfun-game around the screen as the device is touched.

When you click Play, select the Built-in mpas, option to open the maps that are already in the application. The other options correspond to the maps you can even create options or to download from the developer’s site – created by other users.






Grabatron is a game that satisfies a desire of many gamer. In the title, you take control of an alien spacecraft whose purpose is to invade the planetGrabatron Earth, and to achieve it, you must destroy everything and everyone that cross your way.

But obviously, the Terran will not just watching as you destroy everything: the army and police all attack you with full force. To defend and continue on your mission, you get the help of a kind of flexible mechanical arm: with him the ship can take almost any object or person and throw it.


Escape From Rio: Blue Birds

Escape From Rio: Blue Birds happens just before the start of the second Riofilm. Here, Blu and his family are faced with an incredible challenge and needed all possible help. Its mission is to cross the Rio de Janeiro dodging all obstacles that appear along the way. Also, you need to collect many gold coins to increase your score and purchase valuable power-ups.



Top 5 Best Free News App for Android Smartphone

We have listed best free android news app tablet and smartphone, where you can read latest news from around the world.


BBC News

The BBC is a British news agency, which owns TV channels, radio programs, virtual publications and produces films and programs. BBC News is the official application of the network, with the main news of the world always updated.

Its main interface displays multiple rows, divided into topics. By sliding your finger to the sides, you can see more news on the same subject. The page can be configured for you by clicking on the Edit option.



Yahoo! launched

Yahoo! launched a new tool for reading news on Android. With Yahoo News Digest, you receive new articles and reports twice a day, always with what’s going on in the world more important.

The content is filtered and summarized by Yahoo itself, with high definition images. There are an average of ten news for you to read in the international categories, the United States, Canada and the UK.

Lot of reading arrives every day at six in the morning and eight at night. You can share content across major social networks, or you can copy the link for shipping. Whenever new articles are published, the application sends a notification to your device.



NYTimes for Android

NYTimes for Android is the official news application from the American newspaper New York Times, one of the oldest and most important in the world. With it you can get information about various news from the United States and the world.

The program is divided into several editorials, works the same way as the printed newspaper or online version of the journal: World, USA, politics, and New York region, business cence, technology, health, sports, arts, books, films, movies and more.


NowThis News

The NowThis News is a news app that different than you might imagine, totally focused on the reproduction of humorous videos. The content is not completely humorous, but shows the main headlines in the world of uncompromising and very fun way.

That way, people who do not have the patience to read in their gadgets or watch the traditional version of a newscast can stay informed through NowThis News and even share content with friends on social networks.



Best Free Third Person Shooter Games for Android Devices

We have listed some of the best and free third person shooter games for Android smartphone and tablet. I you like to play shooting games these are for you, and it will not you a penny.



Respawnables game is a third person shooter focused exclusively in the killing of matches in death match mode. The graphics are very good Respawnables. Everything follows a more ridiculous line, something that reduces the impact of violent games. This, however, does not mean that they lose their games in action, after all, everything is very busy.

The traces used in characters and scenarios are neat and come to remember some of cinema’s most famous animations, like the classic Toy Story. The sounds accompanying graphs in terms of quality. There is good background music and a wide variety of noises during the firing of guns and explosions.


Frontline Commando 2

Frontline Commando 2 is a puzzle game in which your goal is to assemble a team of mercenaries in search of revenge against his enemies. In this task, you must fight your opponents directly in front, ensuring mission success.

The game has two modes of gameplay: campaign and online. In campaign mode, you can recruit, train and lead your team by choosing from 65 different types of soldiers, doctors of the snipers.

The campaign mode has 53 missions, 13 of them being considered “elite challenges”. If you think your team is already strong enough? So face real opponents in online mode against players from around the world.



Lawless is a game third-person shooter for your Android in which you will coordinate its own criminal organization. In it, you just got out of jail and is not with the intention of returning to a cage. However, his time there was not wasted and many contacts were made.

Now, you’re back on the streets and starting his own organization, aiming to make look bigger. The game features a number of characters that can be unlocked, beyond those that are available for free recruitment rates since the beginning of the game. To play, you must create an account, little game action performed in the home screen.




It is a game of third person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a soldier who is participating in the last century the largest and bloodiest war: the Second World War.

Everything starts at the Normandy landing in France place where you learn how the control scheme works. To exit the coverage position and start shooting at the enemies, you must click the arrow positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. Turn to aim, you must use the left icon. The buttons on the top of the window used to enable the health kits, the bazooka and the radio.




Top 3 Best Free Photo to Sketch Converter Software

We have listed some of best and free photo to sketch converter software for the Windows devices, where you can transform photos into the sketch format.


Photo to Sketch

Photo to Sketch is a tool to convert digital photos into sketches drawn freehand. You can paint with watercolor paint and draw too. This software is amazing, it is a true digital artist who draws any photograph virtually . You can even fool someone with your “new talents” – the pictures really seem drawn by a real artist Photo to Sketch works with two modes of conversion: sketch and photo to art photo to watercolor painting.

Download Link


FotoSketcher is a great option for those who like the application to manipulate and play with images. The program performs only one function: turning photos into drawings. To make it even more attractive, the effect is fully automatic – the program takes care to apply it for you.

An interesting feature of FotoSketcher is that you can customize many parameters of the transformation, as the force of the stroke and the image will be in black and white or color. Additionally, the app features simple editing tools to crop, resize and rotate the figure.

Download Link


Sketch Drawer

Sketch Drawer is a tool designed to convert images into sketches, as if they had been made with a pencil. In a few steps, you can turn old photos into amazing hand-made illustrations.

With a variety different styles, your photos and even wallpapers will gain a new life. To further customize your designs, you can insert watermarks or logos with a few words to use as a signature. Besides traditional formats JPG and PNG, Sketch Drawer also features support for several others, such as PGX, TCA and JPC.

Download Link




Best Free Youtube to MP3 Online downloader

If you want to download youtube video online to the mp3 format, you can use following online services. We have selected some of best and free youtube downloader online to mp3 for you.

YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3 Converter is an online service which aims to provide a simple way for you to get audio files from videos hosted by YouTube.

On this page, you simply need to paste the video address for the service to download them and convert the file, making it available after a few minutes of operation.

There is a size limit, however: clips with more than 20 minutes are not supported by the service, because the conversion is performed on the server and your videos too long tend to leave it too slow – and yet, only the MP3 format is available for download.

Access is the newest free online service to convert web videos to MP3 audio files. The application does not require any registration and is very simple, just enter the URL of the video and give a click to the conversion starts. Within a few moments, you download the final file.

For now, the offers the ability to transform youtube videos to the audio file (MP3). However, as the application displays a cascading menu to choose the final format, it is likely that soon new options are available.


The is a completely free online service that proposes to transform the audio of YouTube videos to MP3 files, ideal for you who are interested in music and other audio clips and would like to hear them on your player . It requires no installation and everything works through your browser itself.

The process of using ListenToYouTube is very simple. To start converting videos to audio files, all you have to do is put the link for the selected video in specific gap and click “Go”.


And, Other useful online converter:

Top 5 Best Free .flac to mp3 Converter for Windows

List of best and free .flac to mp3 converter for windows operating system, from these software you can convert .flac to many other format like mp3 or vice versa.


Free MP3 WMA Converter

Free MP3 WMA Converter is an excellent audio converter, small, simple and easy to use. The program allows you to work with multiple files at the same time, which makes life easier for those who want to transform multiple songs at once.

Furthermore, through this software you define the quality of the files that will be generated in conversions, ie is the user who chooses to be a new song.

Download Link



The Efficient WMA MP3 Converter is a full featured, such as converting more than one file simultaneously and drag-and-drop tool.

It supports the most popular audio and video formats (such as MP3, MP4, MPEG, WMA, FLAC, WAV, NUT and many more) and converts them to MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, MonkeysAudio (APE) or WAV.

Download Link

Free FLAC to MP3 Converter

Free FLAC to MP3 Converter is an application that can quickly convert any MP3 file into FLAC. Through it, you can set different levels of understanding that prioritize audio quality or file size.

Although there are many audio formats, many media devices such as iPods, smartphones, tablets, and even music players, computer (such as Windows Media Player and iTunes) are usually only compatible with a few specific.

Download Link


Boxoft free Flac to MP3 Converter

The FLAC format is not one of the extensions that provides higher quality audio to the user. However, due to the smaller file size, format is widely used in portable player in order to reduce the space occupied by music.

However, if you wish to have your songs in MP3 format, you can count on an application simple to use and completely free to convert FLAC files to MP3 format. This is the Boxoft FLAC to MP3 Converter.

Download Link


Best Free Android Puzzle Games for Smartphone

We have list of best and free android puzzle games for smartphone and tablet, where you need to solve the different types of puzzle.


2048 2048

2048 is a puzzle game in which your main goal is to form a square of 2048 points. To achieve this, you should join identical
numbers pairs, which should grow steadily until it reaches the maximum value of the match.

To play, just slide your finger across the screen, up, down, left or right. Eachtime you make a move on the screen, a new number 2 (the first number) appears on the screen. Your goal is to join the two numbers so that they form a four, four two numbers to form an eight and so on.



Special Enquiry DetailSpecial-query-Detail

Special Enquiry Detail will allow you to dive into the world of crime, police investigations and explorations for clues. The title has a style Point and Click on the player, as you explore new scenarios, should touch the objects in the environment to interact with them or make discoveries.



The Room

The Room is a game developed for Android where you can find a slew of mysteries to solve. Although it seems simple, the difficultythe-room of the game promises to challenge your logical thinking ability.

All commands work The Room by touch, with few action buttons – if they are to return to the screen, pause the game and show a hint for when you have no idea what to do.

With realistic graphics and a challenging difficulty, The Room holds your attention from the beginning. After all, you begin the game trapped in a room with a huge box in front. To explore the surroundings, you find a note that clearly is a challenge: you must use all his cunning to discover where the secrets are hidden and how you can unravel them. Your progress is saved when you exit the game from the main menu.

Install (The Room)
Install (The Room Two)

What Can You Escape

What Can You Escape is a game of exploration scenarios that puts the player in very specific adverse situations. Phases of the title you find yourself stuck in different rooms that bring closed doors. Your task is to give a way out of all of them.

One of the great advantages of Can You Escape is the fact that it does not work in a continuous manner as the various games style. Everything is separated into phases and each surpassed, a new location even more complicated to be overcome appear as your challenge level.



Unblock Me Free

Unblock Me Free is a game in which you must unlock the way to take one of the pieces to the exit. The choice can beunblock red or brown, depending on the theme you choose to play.

Clicking the Play application offers two modeos game Relax Mode (relaxed mode) and Challenge Mode (challenge mode). The first mode does not count the number of moves you make to get flush the piece.