Best Facebook App for Android Smartphone and Tablets

List of best free Official and unofficial application for you to open social network (Facebook) on the small screen of your Android.

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is very useful for those who enjoy the social network and the access through your Android application. The program interface is completely renovated and a perfect fit even for devices with smaller screens.

When you open the program, you are directed to the News Feed automatically, but you can switch to the profile screen just opening the alternatives present in the left side of the screen. Also, whenever you receive new messages, friend requests and comments, they are informed in the notification bar of the device.

Additionally, accessing private messages is done quickly by means of a button provided on the screen. Also, you can view the updates of your friends as if you were opening your browser, and share content, enjoy and comment often.



Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging social network app, a simple and direct channel for you to chat with your friends privately. This app also lets you create conversations in groups and has several extra tools to increase the crop.

Through it, you can send text, photos, images gallery, voice messages, emojis and emoticons, all with just a touch. Now, you can send any kind of message with just a touch, ensuring incredible agility for your chat. Check out.

The application is still able to make calls to other contacts via the data of your service provider or network connection via WiFi. You can also check if the person is online or when was the last time the user entered the application, in addition to silence notifications see the timeline on Facebook, a map of where the person is and the phone number.

Facebook Messenger is divided into four main tabs: a list of all their individual conversations list with all your group conversations, a complete list of users that use the Messenger and who are available to talk at the moment (either on the PC or smarphone) and general settings.



Fast Facebook

The Fast Facebook is an application that impresses by its beauty. Compared to much of the apps that provide access to social networking, it certainly stands out and deserves the download. All functions bring quite clear icons and if you’re already used to using Facebook, should have no difficulty in identifying the tools for images of menus.

The ability to customize the background of the application gives even more positive points to the application and, if you do not count images that appeal to you, do not worry, because the Fast Facebook brings quality pictures to make the look of your profile even better, but remember that the substantive changes made here do not affect the way other people view your profile.



Go! Chat

Go! Chat for Facebook is a simple app to use and will help you stay always connected to your friends. It does not require you to have any experience with the Android guy and shows online for you to choose friends who will chat, which saves a lot of time on a daily basis.

The graphical interface it is quite modern and pleasant, with a perfect fit to the screen horizontally. Another positive point that Go! Chat for Facebook brings is the system of automatic responses sent when your gadget is with the locked screen. You can customize the message to leave it as you want.



Atrium to Facebook

Atrium for Facebook is an alternative to the official version of the program developed by own Facebook client. The application appears as an option for those who want to use the largest social network on the planet so a little different.

Before you start to use it, be aware of the fact that you have to allow the program to have full access to your information within Facebook. Only then the software is able to work with all its tools and resources.

In the first section, you find your timeline and all the news. Second, you have in a very concise way the latest updates of each of your friends (they appear very similar way to Twitter, for example). In the third and last column there is the chat, the place where you can exchange messages with all your contacts.

Note that in the middle column, although there is a summary of updates if you hit on some friend will also find a short summary of their profiles.

Top 3 Best Free Android Scientific Calculator Apps

Here, we posted best free android calculator apps, these are very useful for all those who use scientific calculators in their day to day program. The app brings a lot of options, allowing more different types of accounts.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is an advanced calculator that can solve any type of arithmetic operation that you can imagine. However, unlike other programs of its kind, the app does not have a complex interface for input values. Instead, you see a white box in which you use a capacitive stylus or your finger to write a mathematical operation. The application interprets their designs dynamically, riding the account layout and displaying the result. The app is able to recognize handwritten touch screen, eliminating complex interfaces. Using the application is very easy and intuitive because you feel like you’re writing on a sheet. The app interprets what you draw in real time, riding the mathematic operation and organizing the digits on the screen.

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The RealCalc is a scientific calculator and a unit converter for Android. This is undoubtedly a very useful online tool for anyone who needs to perform an advanced calculus, eliminating the work the user needs to carry more than one device. The application adopts a visual that resembles the models of scientific calculators older hand. The RealCalc is basically composed of two functions: a scientific calculator and converter of measures. Includes functions of historical results, support advanced functions (such as logarithmic and exponential), percentage calculation, trigonometric functions, showing results in different units (such as degrees and radians), hyperbolic functions, factorials, combinations, permutations, logical operators, modes binary, hexadecimal and octal, storage calculation in memory, among many others.

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Smart Scientific Calculator

Smart Scientific Calculator is a scientific calculator with a very simple interface. Nevertheless, all the most popular advanced functions are found. The app has four operating modes: scientific, computational, statistical, and multi-mode.

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Top 3 Best Free PPT to Video File Converter Tools

Here we have listed best and free PPT(Power Point) to video file converter software for the Windows operating system.


Authorstream is a site that offers the service of storage and presentation, displayed in video format stored after sharing. Allows you to upload files up to 1GB in size. Just create a profile and start storing your presentations.

After performing a simple registration and no secrets, the screen for selecting the file to be inserted appears. You can leave the presentation in “Private” (Private), ie you can only view it. But if you want to share with other users, simply check the option “Allow viewers to download” (allow observers to download).

A very interesting feature of the site is the fact this allow downloading the file formats: Video, iTunes or PPS (PowerPoint presentation) file. In addition to the link to view the site also provides links to view the presentation on websites and blogs.

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PowerDVDPoint Lite

PowerDVDPoint Lite is a program used to create video files from presentations made in PowerPoint. There are two methods of creation: the first is to convert the PPT into a video which can be played on the computer, and the second creates a traditional DVD for recording to disk.

When you open the PowerDVDPoint Lite There are two options to choose: “Create Standard DVD” and “Convert Video Files”. In both configurations are almost the same, the difference is only in the last step – before starting the conversion. After all, the first enables the creation and customization of the menu that appears on the DVD, while the other features of the video format options.

The available video formats are MOV, WMV, ASF and MKV. Other differences between the initial conversion options appear on the last screen in “Video Configuration”, you can change the resolution of the frames, the frequency of FPS and overall quality – the same happens with the audio, but with fewer options.

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Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free

Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Free is a program, its purpose is to convert presentations taken from PowerPoint to video files without the need to have the software installed.

The video formats supported by Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter Personal are AVI, H.264, WMV, MP4, MOV, HD AVI, HD H.264, HD MPEG-2 TS, among many other popular. Other software options allow you to configure details of the presentation, defining interval between slides, image resolution, etc.

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3 Best Free Android Apps to Control your Computer

With remote control features, you can perform tasks remotely, controlling your computer or notebook. Application listed below helps you to control your computer simply through an Android handset. Accessing your computer or other people at a distance in real time was unimaginable not long ago. But once remote access has become increasingly functional, many new applications have emerged and some them are listed below.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Right away you already see that the configuration of the TeamViewer client is not at all complicated. Everything is already done automatically, because the program gives you a connection key and password for the connection.

The Android app works perfectly. Just enter the username and password to that in a moment, a connection is made. The speed will depend strictly on your computer and connection, TeamViewer works as fluently. It offers everything you might need, such as mouse clicks and keyboard, which includes special keys. In summary, TeamViewer is great, easy to use and free (for non-commercial use). Therefore, it is a great option for remote access application.

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Through the synchronization between an Android device and your computer, smartphone or tablet turns into the remote control of your computer. As you might guess, that the QREMOTE Control work properly, you need to install the application on your smartphone and also on your computer.

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Unified Remote

Being able to control your computer remotely is something quite useful. In situations like this, the Unified Remote shows its usefulness. With it, you can use your Android device to connect to your computer remotely, controlling it as a substitute for the mouse and keyboard. To use this software, you must also possess the Unified Remote app on your Android version.

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Top 3 Best Free Software to Delete Files Permanently


Here we listed best free software  to delete files permanently and avoid retrieving documents, that way you can ensure that no previously existing file on the device can be recovered, even with a specific program for the task.


Jihosoft Free Eraser

Jihosoft Free Eraser is an application which is designed to help you to remove files permanently, preventing them can be recovered. Furthermore, it extends its function the removal of partitions or drives present on the computer and is also responsible for clearing the blank space on the hard disk.

The main objective of this application is to increase the safety of those who need to delete confidential documents, making the data not stay longer on your HD. The application provides five methods to override the location where the file was stored, so you can select the one that you see fit.

The program is very lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources and can be used on more modest machines without any problems.

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SecureDelete is an application for secure file deletion. With it you completely remove any files from your computer, without leaving any chance for recovery through programs that perform this type of task.

This software is a high quality, small and intuitive, since it has buttons arranged intelligently and without much visual pollution. Besides the ease to use, we should note the fact that the program erase without a trace, ideal for those who want more privacy with your junk.

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The Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN) is intended for any user who wants to format the drive completely , preventing other users can retrieve the data later. It is not recommended to use DBAN if you are not the system administrator, or if you do not have the means to reinstall the operating system.

Only use the Dariks Boot and Nuke if you really are aware of the risks we run to erase all hard drive information. Also remember that you can not recover anything that is not saved in backup files.

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Best Free Online Graphic Design Tool

Want to create an invitation or a visual presentation with professional face? Want to venture in creating pages with sophisticated and neat layout? The free program Canva is a complete solution for image processing, and file cards in different shapes and graphic designs.

The application works directly through the website where you can sign up by email or through Facebook. The program uses a database with more than one million images, largely in the public domain, you create your cards, banners, layouts, and whatever else your creativity allows.

graphic design

Among these images are available by this application models icons, frames, shapes, lines and labels, with different styles and with the ability to edit each picture according to your design.

In addition, there are several other categories with images of animals, food, clothing, representations of places and vehicles for you to use.


Tutorial and first project

When you start first time, the program directs you to a very explanatory tutorial on all the tools available, the possibilities for editing and layout of elements on the screen resource.

The tutorial concludes with a quick test that you need to perform simple tasks to show that you understand how to move the application. The lesson is effective to you immediately put your hands dirty.

By completing this initial tools recognition steps, you are guided to a personal page with your profile name in this application, where you can manage your projects, save files or start new jobs.

In the new Projects tab, you can choose what type of file you want to create. There are several preset options: social media, presentation, poster, graphic blog, facebook cover, document (A4), card, photo collage, business card and invitation.

Each of these options comes with several design and layout alternatives you can use. You can also customize your own document using the “custom dimensions.”


Layouts, text and backgrounds

This web application offers many customizable tools for you to work. Besides having a vast stock photos at your disposal, the program has page layout in different shapes and motions, always with the ability to edit the information on the screen.

In the menu on the left side of the interface, you can also choose text and background colors to apply to their projects. There are a lot of different formats of letters and many textures for use in documents.

Additionally, you can at any time send a picture of personal library to the “Uploads” section, or redeem a photograph published in your account by Facebook, and use these files along with their creations.

When you finish a project, you can share the results on social networks or save the document by clicking on “Link & Publish”. When choosing the size of the final file, Canva automatically starts the download of your work.

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4 Best Free Piano Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablets

Best and free list of piano apps for android smartphones, learn to play piano demo listening and repeating the sequence of notes was presented.

android piano

Pianist HD

Pianist HD – Finger Tap Piano is a very interesting application that allows you to play some tunes through your Android smartphone or tablet. If you know absolutely nothing about how to play the piano, do not worry because the app teaches you. Through a list of known songs, as some compositions of Beethoven, Mozart and even a simple “Happy Birthday”, the program guides you in time to play. No error, just touching the keys indicated, you will have the chance to produce a beautiful sound without knowing absolutely nothing about musical notes. With a device with multi-touch technology, you can also produce full chords, not just single notes. Thus, the sound produced may be more complex than just notes isolated.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. After all, once you open the app, it already has the piano keys for you to start playing. The menus are also very objective, making it easy to navigate.

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Piano Melody Free

Piano Melody Free turns your Android into an almost perfect imitation of a piano, offering several songs for you to practice your musical skills with the fingers.

The application displays the notes to be played and you need to be careful to follow the music sequence exactly as in the statement. As your skill develops, the duration of the lessons begins to increase, leaving the increasingly difficult challenge.

The intensity with which you touch the screen of the device is performed by the Piano Melody, with the aim of replicating the sound at a higher or lower volume. You must follow exactly as was done in the example for the application to identify its musical sequence as correct.

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Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is an application that lets you play piano and rehearse the beautiful songs from your smartphone or tablet. You can have a full keyboard on your screen and resize it so the keys become more comfortable. You can record everything you touch or put the device in tracking mode, when you select a real music to accompany the notes.

Besides the piano, the tool allows to play percussion, organ, music box, Rhodes keyboard, and several others. Everything you need to play virtually any pace.

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Musical Lite

Musical Lite is a tool for enthusiasts who want to learn to play piano or the musicians who aspire to learn some new tricks. The application has metronome, pitch pipe and supports multi-touch.

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Best Free Tool to Check Vulnerabilities in Computer

SecPod Saner Personal is a best free tool to check vulnerabilities in PCand  keep your computer protected against the threat of malware attacks to which we are constantly susceptible to remain connected to the internet.

For this, the program has resources that scan and perform tests in various sections of the operating system after the possible security breaches that may facilitate the entry of malware or the action of malicious persons.

One of the advantages to using SecPod Saner Personal is, besides finding vulnerabilities PC, offers and automatically performs the possible fixes.

check vulnerabilities

How to activate your free license

So you can use all the features of Personal SecPod Saner, you must purchase a license to use. Calm, because this version of the program is completely free and will not charge anything to use. However, you must perform some procedures to achieve this activation mechanism.

The first time the application is opened, it displays a message asking for the passkey. In this popup, click on “Get it here”. Following, you are redirected to a page on the official website of the software. In it, complete the displayed form and press “Send Activation Key” button.

Then use the link sent to the email address entered to save the file with the code from your license. Go back to the home screen open by SecPod Personal Saner, and this time click on “Import License” option. Through Windows Explorer window that appears, find the newly downloaded file, and finally, press the “Activate” button.

The operation of SecPod Saner Personal is uncomplicated. After running it, check for updates of the databases is initiated. With its fully updated definitions, all you need do is press the “Start Scan” button. done, the program will perform the scan on the system and display a report with possible security flaws. To fix all at once, you can simply click on “remediate All” option.

Thus SecPod Personal Saner automatically tries to remedy these problems, how to download specific software updates, disable some Windows settings, among other actions. To further ease your life, the application provides a mechanism for scheduling scans.

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Best free VNP Software to Access Internet

GetPrivate VPN, as its name suggests, is a program used to create a VPN (virtual private network) between your computer and the servers of the developer. In practice, it is for you to protect your personal data, browsing the Internet anonymously and preventing possible regional blocks access to certain pages.

This way, you avoid leaving traces for tracking through services that perform this task, and can protect the identity of your computer when you are using a public network, for example.


Private Access

A key issue when accessing the network is trying to ensure the security of information as data from credit card activities and messages.

In addition, there are also problems such as tracking information held by various companies simply because you access pages on the net. Therefore, some people opt for using a proxy service or private networks to try to improve the security of access. The GetPrivate VPN offers an alternative for you to create that kind of connection tunnel.

The program offers a simple interface, with limited data and a button for you to perform the connection. The use of the application does not have any secret, requiring only click the “Connect” button and wait a few moments. Then, the program will perform the connection to the servers of the developer, using a secure network.

One of the great advantages of the program is that you need not do any kind of registration or account for use. Moreover, it is not necessary to perform manual settings or change the options for your network adapter or Windows. So even if you have never operated an application that style should not encounter major difficulties in doing so. On the other hand, if you like to control aspects of running the VPN, you can get a little frustrated with the application.

If you want to undo the VPN and go back to using your real IP, just open the application screen and click the “Disconnect” button. Then, at the end of the operation you will have left the private connection.


Best Free Business Card Maker Software

Free Business Card Maker is a program that provides mechanisms with which you are able to create personalized business cards, allowing the establishment of a visual identity for your role within the company that hires him or his own venture.

To facilitate this process since its inception, the software has 13 predetermined card formats, which have varying heights and widths. After selecting the size of the item that will make your presentation, you can choose to edit the front, back or both sides of the card.

Time to mount it, you can define whether it will have edges, insert a background image, add text boxes and include geometric figures such as circles, rectangles and lines. All these elements can be resized and positioned the way you think best.

After finalizing your creation, you can save the project in a very extension of Free Business Card Maker, print it (if the computer is connected to a printer) and export it in different image formats, including JPG, BMP and PNG.

During our analysis, the increase in the demand of both RAM and CPU was almost negligible. This means that the Free Business Card Maker can execute on any less powerful system.