List of Best Free Password Manager for Windows

I have listed top 5 best free password managers for Windows operating system.

Password Dragon 

Password Dragon is a “safe” in which you can store all your passwords, whether of web pages, programs or Windows users. Being programmed in Java, Password Dragon is compatible with various operating systems and we can take it in a USB key. And also includes a secure password generator. No more remembering hundreds of keys, now only one is sufficient.

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Saving passwords in the browser is not advisable. Any malicious user can gain all stored passwords with minimal effort. Lastpass is a program to deal with this threat. A password manager with the necessary resources and options to store, in a secure and remote, all accounts and passwords that you enter on your PC. With Lastpass can still retrieve your passwords with a simple click without compromising your privacy. To do this, the program is installed on both Internet Explorer and Firefox, imports all resident accounts in your system and stored on a private server. As security mechanisms, LastPass uses SSL exclusively for any type of transfer and a public encryption and RSA to manage passwords. Two mechanisms that ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all data managed by the program. It required online registration and passwords are store on  private server.

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Today we need to remember dozens of passwords and different users: to our email account (or more than one), the website of the bank, our photos page, blog, message client … Endless passwords! Clearly, if you use the Internet often need a program like Keepass Password Safe, it will handle ‘store’ for you all your passwords, classifying them into different categories and protecting them from bad people with important safety measures. You can protect access to Keepass Password Safe password or use the key file that is created from the program. If you believe, to access your passwords in KeePass Password Safe will require two things: a password and a key file. A very effective system.

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LockCrypt functions as a large safe in which you can store everything: passwords and web programs, key bank card numbers, medical data, lock combinations, serial numbers, etc. All these data are stored encrypted under an administrator password without which it is impossible to access them. LockCrypt has a feature that stands out from the rest and is the integration in Firefox. You can automatically add your database user names and passwords you use on the Mozilla browser.

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Password Safe

Password Safe is a tool that lets you store all your passwords in a safe, much safer and cleaner than write them down on the table. Security measures start from the beginning. Just to open “Password Safe” you require a password. Then, to prevent anyone from accessing your passwords from your PC if you leave the application open, program will automatically lock after a short period of time. Finally, for your convenience, Password Safe allows you to copy the password to the clipboard with a simple double-click, so you only have to ‘paste’  to access.

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