Top 5 Best Free News App for Android Smartphone

We have listed best free android news app tablet and smartphone, where you can read latest news from around the world.


BBC News

The BBC is a British news agency, which owns TV channels, radio programs, virtual publications and produces films and programs. BBC News is the official application of the network, with the main news of the world always updated.

Its main interface displays multiple rows, divided into topics. By sliding your finger to the sides, you can see more news on the same subject. The page can be configured for you by clicking on the Edit option.



Yahoo! launched

Yahoo! launched a new tool for reading news on Android. With Yahoo News Digest, you receive new articles and reports twice a day, always with what’s going on in the world more important.

The content is filtered and summarized by Yahoo itself, with high definition images. There are an average of ten news for you to read in the international categories, the United States, Canada and the UK.

Lot of reading arrives every day at six in the morning and eight at night. You can share content across major social networks, or you can copy the link for shipping. Whenever new articles are published, the application sends a notification to your device.



NYTimes for Android

NYTimes for Android is the official news application from the American newspaper New York Times, one of the oldest and most important in the world. With it you can get information about various news from the United States and the world.

The program is divided into several editorials, works the same way as the printed newspaper or online version of the journal: World, USA, politics, and New York region, business cence, technology, health, sports, arts, books, films, movies and more.


NowThis News

The NowThis News is a news app that different than you might imagine, totally focused on the reproduction of humorous videos. The content is not completely humorous, but shows the main headlines in the world of uncompromising and very fun way.

That way, people who do not have the patience to read in their gadgets or watch the traditional version of a newscast can stay informed through NowThis News and even share content with friends on social networks.



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