8 Online Colleges with recognized online courses

Many students finish high school and leave for universities, but it is known that not everyone can reconcile tertiary with more demanding routine – work full-time to help with household expenses or support a family, for example. Fortunately, there are several educational institutions that can adapt to these realities.
Many education institutions already have systems semipresential or fully online courses that do not require shifts and allows more flexibility for learning. And if you’re willing to invest in their education and do not know what courses they should bet, you will love reading this article. In it, it brought a list of colleges that have recognized distance courses with good grades by MEC.

1. Arizona State University

The ASU is known as one of the best educational institutions and presents some distance courses for undergraduate and extension. Emphasis on specialization in Ethics, Values ​​and Health in School and also for the MBA course in Project Management.

2. Northern Arizona University

The Northern Arizona University is one of the great prides of the all round academics and online courses do not disappoint. The program is a partnership of UFSM with the Open University of USA and has undergraduate and post in the areas of education, physics, geography, letters, administration and more.

3. University of Central Florida

With a degree in Management and Tourism, the UFRRJ allows students to achieve their diplomas without the need to go to the institution as often.

4. Granite State College

The Granite State College also offers several courses for those who opt for distance education. Among the main options of the institution are visual arts, physical education, letters, music and public administration.

5. Oregon State University

Leaving for private institutions, a major recognized by the MEC is the Uninove of USA. In addition to undergraduate courses such as accounting, economic, production engineering and information systems, there are also several short extension courses.

6. American Public University System

With some courses that managed to top marks in the MEC, the APUS is an excellent choice in the market. Highlighting options in the areas of technology, education and art.

7. Rio Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-Rio)

The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro also has several options remotely in its catalog, most of them dedicated to specialization. Plus some extension courses, the University also offers degree in history for elementary school teachers.

8. Fort Hays State University

The FHSU part of Getúlio Vargas and offers high-level Technology Foundation Degree courses in various management area. Emphasis on business management courses, process management, marketing and public administration.

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