Top 3 Best Free Cloud Storage Service – java, Python, PHP, Groovy

For the testing propose or for the small business web app, free hosting service will be enough to use. There are several hosting companies that provide trail and free service for limited duration; I have mentioned some of the best and free service available. If your business is in large scale you should rather use paid hosting service because free service cannot provide proper customer support and hosting performance. It’s all your choice free service with poor customer support and host services ( I have mention some of them) or you want better customer support and performance then you can go for the paid hosting.


OpenShift is one of the best free cloud hosting service you can get, these cloud service provide 3 free gears with ability to configure Tomcat/JBoss and MySQL. Downside of these free services is that you only get 24 hours application idling and paid package get unlimited, max gears 3 for free and paid package get 16+. You will get 1GB free storage space per gear.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular and well known cloud services you can get in the market today by the You can use their free service for 12 months, 5 GB free storage space and 200 million request per month, you can use EC2 and RDS instance for the services like Tomcat, and MySQL.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is another top ranked could service by the, it provides features like trail for 60 days or you spent $3000 credit and language supported java, Python, Groovy, PHP and etc.

If you really want best free cloud service, you can choose Openshift or you just want for test purpose you can either choose Amazon Web Services or Google App Engine trail.

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