Desktop Decorating Software With Fun Effect


The ease of use is what is most impressive: just set some options in the single application window for snow to fall the way you want. The lightness of the program (just over 50 kB) and the minimum occupancy of memory during use are also noteworthy because it works perfectly without you note any difference in the machine.

The program consists of a single window, which contains all possible configurations. The meter “Flakesdesktop decorate” change the number of snowflakes that fall, while “Transparency” controls the opacity and “Speed” changes the speed of the fall.

Each change is automatically performed – just leave always checked the “Activate / Deactivate” box on the right corner of the window. The other option causes the snow to start with your computer.

The program also has some extra options that add a little fun in decorating. In “Image / Texture”, you can modify the image Snowflake other figures, ranging from crystals of larger sizes up soccer balls.

Finally, “Deactivation” is the mechanism that closes the storm. Simply select the method (for clicks or keystrokes) and the interval until it can restart. You can usually close the DesktopSnowOK, since it stays minimized in the system bar.

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