Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Information

We track each and every visitor to our website using the tracking tools to identify visitor’s country, operating system they using, browser, path, IP address etc. We use this information for analysis and static purpose only. So, we can give proper services to our visitors, and we will not miss use these information.


Visitors are required to enable Cookies on their browser to browse our website content. So, we can track every visitor return.

We are currently using third party advertisement on our website to support our website. These ads companies might be using Cookies to store information of each visitor personal interests and needs while you are on their site and from ours. So, they can provide proper and accurate ads to visitor.

If you are interested on our advertising companies’ privacy policy, you can visit here for more information.

External Link from this Website

Yes, we have many external links in our website and we are not responsible for any of their privacy policy while you are on their website. This privacy policy applied to our website ( only. So, we encourage our entire visitor to read each website privacy and policy when you are in their website.

Logos and Trademarks

Logos and Trademarks which we use in this website belong to their respective owners.

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