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Pale Moon is a recompilation of Firefox made with the objective of further improving the performance of this browser. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers currently. Its versatility, stability and speed are just some of the factors that make it a competitor side of Chrome, Opera and others to.

Just like Firefox, this browser is completely free. To make it lighter than the browser-based, some features were removed, and that way you only use RAM to what really matters.

pale moon browser

Visual oldschool

Recently, when Firefox has changed the interface to the Australis design (more like Chome), many users have rejected the change, which relocated menus and browser tabs. The Pale Moon, however, continues with the same appearance as before.

That is, even with the upgrades to make it more modern and able to open any website browser without problems, Pale Moon continues with the same classic look of Firefox with the drawers of the menus at the top and the tabs being displayed in bottom of the address bar.


Extensions and operation

Despite being lighter, many functions were maintained. As could not be otherwise, the support for extensions, which is one of the most interesting features of Firefox was not removed in Pale Moon – you can install your favorite plugins and customize the operation of the browser.
Better yet, if you have installed the Mozilla browser, Pale Moon will automatically import all your settings, bookmarks, extensions, passwords and any customization done – that is, if these adjustments are compatible with the old interface of the browser.


Less features, more speed

The Pale Moon has been completely rebuilt from the source code of Mozilla Firefox, with some disabled features for better performance, and has received some optimizations to better support modern processors.

Script ActiveX controls and ActiveX : ActiveX is a Microsoft proprietary technology for use in Internet Explorer. It is not natively supported by Firefox and therefore the Pale Moon. Some supplements make the activation of components and ActiveX scripts, but they will not work if installed. This change was made ​​more as a concern for the safety of the browser than with their performance.

Accessibility Options : few users enable accessibility options. Especially those looking for a better performance disable the function. The lack of this feature means that there is an increase in browser performance, but makes it impossible for people with special needs, that would make good use of it.

Parental control: control options of parents inserted from version 3 of Firefox increase the complexity of the build, leaving the final result slower. If this feature is not used and you do not need to limit access to certain sites, you can use Pale Moon smoothly.

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