Best Free Appointment Reminder App for Android

Here we have listed best and free appointment reminder app for android smartphones and tablets, this apps helps users to keep reminding their daily important works.

Wunderlist Task Manager

Wunderlist Task Manager is a task manager whose goal is to help you organize your life and your work. This app organizes your tasks into lists customized for you never miss an important meeting.


Each activity can be marked as important, and you can set reminders via email or notification to remember what to do. Moreover, it is also possible to choose a date and time to select a specific list for the task.

For starters, you need to do a quick registration in the system. Just enter your email address and password to continue. Then you can start creating your own tasks. The Wunderlist comes with a number of registered so you visualize the functioning of the app tasks.

To create a new task, tap on the sign for “more” in the upper right corner of the screen. With this, a flap opens and you can already enter all the data, such as title, notes, date, priority, and if you want the application to send an alert before the scheduled time.

On the main screen, select the most important tasks with a star, and automatically they go to the top of the list. When you complete a task, tap on the little square on the left corner of the line. So she goes to the end of the list and win a transparency.



Any.DO is an application that creates lists of tasks on your Android with widgets and notifications so you do not forget anything important. You can type or just tag your tasks with voice commands, with the help of the Google Voice Search.


To insert an item, click the microphone icon at the top of the page, or type your message. The lists can be sorted by date and priority. In addition, you can create multiple folders, separating work, college and leisure tasks.

To change a date, click on the item in the list and drag it to the matching, it can be today, tomorrow, this week or later. Tasks can be chewed with signal priority and receive notes.

You can still add alarms to warn that Android when a term is to win. Finally, you can add widgets (two different sizes) to your Android home screen.

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