Vulnerability in Snapchat can expose iPhone users to hackers

Snapchat users are experiencing another headache related to the application. Researchers and security consultants the Spanish company Telefonica discovered a vulnerability in application code allows hackers conduct denial of service attacks on iPhones – which may leave unused devices for a few minutes.



The vulnerability occurs because the code of the app for iPhone – according to researchers, the version of Android is shielded against this failure – allows a hacker to send thousands of messages in seconds. As with any household appliance, the highest rate of requests cause crashes and disables.

Everything happens because Snapchat uses electronic keys (tokens) that are generated for verification of identities. Due to failure hackers can reuse old keys and cause all the overhead. According to the reports of the researchers, this problem can cause the iPhones are completely locked – requiring a forced reboot – or having critical failures and restart alone.

It is estimated that this bug can be used both to remotely disable a device as for the issue of spam messages for the service. According to the LA Times, researchers say they are not going to contact the developers of Snapchat due to historical warnings of security experts that have been ignored.

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