Top 3 Best Free Mind Mapping Software | Mind Mapping Freeware

Mind maps are graphical representations of processes developed to solve problems involving data analysis and decisions. Most often, they are used by administrators, information managers and related areas that need developing projects and processes.

Top list of best mind mapping freeware:


Edraw Mindmap

Edraw Mindmap is a program that contains many templates and tools to develop their projects quickly and easily. He has several categories of diagrams that help draw the technique of Brainstorming (brainstorm), flows of information, maps and even plants CAD. The program has several editing tools to customize with color diagrams, figures, shapes and styles. Additionally, you can add and edit graphs, mathematical formulas and Microsoft Word and Excel. All this with a nice interface and complete, worthy of the best software in the market.

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The Blumind is a lightweight(low RAM consumption) application for creating mind maps – widespread technique in admin area to manage innovation processes and project development. With this application you can draw diagrams and flowcharts in order to organize teamwork. Make your workgroup to perform better, all ideas are recorded and used in some way. Increase the profitability of your business or enhance the way you study with Blumind.

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Freeplane is an application that creates mind maps. This is one of the techniques used to organize projects, study models or anything that needs to be put on paper so easily understood. Freeplane is not the most practical applications for creating layouts, but can be classified as one of the most complete. The amount of items and customization tools for each field of the map is huge, and use shortcuts on the main window, helps you enjoy all your tools.

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Other highly recommend best mind map freeware:

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