Top 5 Best Free MP3 Tag Editor for Windows

List of top 5 best free MP3 tag editor for Windows operating system.


TagScanner is a program to rename and edit tags of music files. Through you can do various mass changes across multiple files, without any trouble.  You Just have to  indicate location of song folder, select them and you can change several names at once. It supports popular formats like MP3, Musepack, FLAC, SPEEX, WavPack OGG, TrueAudio and etc.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8

Size: 1.87 MB

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The Mp3tag is the perfect program for organizing your music tags. Some of the important features are changing characters or words from tags and file names, exporting / importing tag information, create playlists and more.

Operating System: Windows 7 – Windows 8

Size: 2.39 MB

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Kid3 is a simple program allows you to effectively edit the ID3 tags of MP3 files Ogg / Vorbis, Flac and MPC. It converts between ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags and generates from the file name (or vice versa), importing information from sites such as FreeDB, MusicBrainz and Discogs. Advantages With ID3 updated, it’s easier to find and organize your songs.

Operating System: Windows 7 – Windows 8

Size: 1.07 MB

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MusicBrainz Picard Tagger

The MusicBrainz Picard Tagger is a good option for those who want to maintain complete information about the tags of songs you have on your computer. By automating the entire process of obtaining information, saves you the trouble of manually browse and edit data such as artist name, track number and CD source. Unfortunately, lack some advanced features, such as adding cover art and rename files based on tags.

Operating System: Windows 7 – Windows 8

Size: 7.9 MB

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A simple program to use, well organized and offers all the functions required for a tag editor.

You can rename the file, enter artist, album, date, track number on the album, genre, and download album art to complete the original illustration. MetatOGGer is very intuitive to use and it has very clean interface. And, it has tool to insert pictures of the albums of the artists in their songs.

Operating System: Windows 7 – Windows 8

Size: 5.16 MB

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