Top 5 Best Free Media Player for Android

I have listed top 5 Best Free Media Player for Android which you can select from list below.

MX Player

MX Player is a video application that offers a full range of additional tools for you to view and watch your files. This program supports several subtitle formats, has hardware acceleration and more. The program’s interface is quite simple, where the files are listed one below the other. This provides more flexibility in locating a video. The video is very elegant: it has white buttons that are positioned on a semi-transparent background. MX Player is an application very fast: everything runs very quickly. Furthermore, the options are very well located and fairly simple, so you can access any option with agility.

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If you want a video player high quality, MoboPlayer should be your first choice. The application stands out for offering a beautiful sight, with thumbnails of all your videos that facilitate the choice of the file being played. Another detail is the broad support almost all media formats, save you having problems with codecs. MoboPlayer can also support subtitles; it is compatible with the most popular formats of Internet. You also have audio option to change the language of film sound.

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QQPlayer is a free player for Android, ideal for users who enjoy watching video, sitcoms and movies on their devices. Besides playing various video formats, the app also supports subtitles and has simple commands. Before opening it analyzes your device to insert all the videos available in the library, no matter which folder they are stored. Among the supported file QQPlayer are: AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV, among others.

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mVideoPlayer is a great Application to play videos, search on movies and create playlists. Plus has a very good interface to view your files, the mVideoPlayer search tool can be used in two ways. The first is to look for a video in your files, searching by name. The second is to do a site search IMDB, the largest database on cinema worldwide. Another detail worth mentioning is support for several subtitle formats, added to the configuration options of size, color and location in the video. mVideoPlayer creates markings of your favorite passages in the videos and create playlists.

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RealPlayer is a complete player for listening to music, view photos and play videos on Android. RealPlayer for Android is an excellent option for those who want an application to play and manage media files. Its main feature is to organize videos, photos and music in one place.

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