Top 5 Best Free Firewall for Windows

I have listed  top 5 best and free firewall for Windows operating system:


ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

When a computer connected to the Internet is exposed to intrusion by malicious users. The best remedy against this danger is a firewall such as ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a free firewall that has over a decade of experience. Once installed, your computer is behind a waterproof wall where only you can authorize the passage of data between programs and network.

The golden age of free firewalls ended when Microsoft decided to include a firewall in Windows XP. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has suffered thereby a significant drop in the number of users and popularity. Still, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is still an excellent firewall.

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Comodo Firewall

It is an award-winning firewall. This appliction is powerful and pupular worldwide due to their quality, monitoring and constantly defending your system, counting internal and external attacks such as trojans, hackers and malicious websites.

This software features an excellent preventive system for the protection of your files, blocking all threats even before they have the opportunity to install them, ensuring the integrity of your operating system. Comodo Firewall is the only firewall that has passed all the tests, being awarded by respected online businesses, ensuring the quality of your system.

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Privatefirewall is an excellent security utility that monitors your system while staying connected to the network.

It incorporates a highly intuitive interface and very easy to use with toolbar graphic style and a number of configuration options clearly exposed. And if you need help, the program has an extensive online documentation.

This firewall includes three security levels preconfigured protection at home, work and travel, for mobile devices. Privatefirewall eleven monitors weaknesses across four areas: network, DCOM, browser and access control.

It preconfigured levels can be customized completely, but if you want you can set it from scratch, with rules made ​​to your taste and to fit your needs.

Privatefirewall not overdone with dozens of different options, but chooses to offer a simple setup and powerful protection tools: packet filtering, port scanning, IP tracking, e-mail protection, etc. also develop detailed reports on the results of monitoring.

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Outpost Firewall Free

This Agnitum firewall  Outpost is the first to use a technology based on plugins. Includes plugins for example to show the effectiveness of this system in tasks such as intrusion detection, filtering, monitoring email, anti spam blocking (removes banners and pop-ups) and privacy control.

We have been impressed with its power, ease of use and clarity of options, and other settings. Definitely a great program.

features included in Pro version only

Multiple configurations:

  • Different configurations for different people
  • Prevents minors from accessing unwanted sites
  • Easily switch from one configuration to another

Password protection:

  • Prevents you can change settings
  • Enforcement actions invisibly to the user:
  • If desired can seamlessly block
  • You can run without interface

Creating rules:

  • That apply to certain hours and days
  • Reports on attempts to violate any rules
  • To display messages, run applications or sounds if you try to violate any rule

Recent changes

  • Interface Changes
  • New protection: IP Blocking

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Online Armor Free

Online Armor Free detects and removes spyware, Trojans and phishing attacks.

Studying the behavior of each program. Collates the information obtained from this analysis with its own database of known threats to determine the dangerousness of facilities, applications, etc.

When Online Armor Free detects dangerous program warns you with a message.

Online Armor Free firewall includes tools to detect facilities, programs that start with the system, protection for email, browsing, etc.

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