Top 5 Best Free Disk Partition Software for Windows

Top 5 free & best hard disk partition tool for windows operating system.


EASEUS Partition Master Home EditionEASEUS Partition Master (Home Edition)

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a very friendly and easy to use tool. In addition to viewing graphs multicolored and clear information on the screen, he accompanies you in many different tools for hard drives. You do not need any technical knowledge to re-size, delete and create partitions with this tool. With proper knowledge, EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition demonstrated very efficient for removing, creating and re-sizing disks. The tasks are made instantly and do not require a restart of the machine. It’s still a pretty safe alternative, displaying several warnings whenever there is the possibility of deleting data.

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Paragon Partition Manager Free EditionParagon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager Performs quick and easy way to create disk partition, re-sizing, deletion, merging, copying partition and many more functions are available. This software is stable and safe technology, and its been around for 15 years.

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Great tool for disk partitioning, however, is a bit tricky at boot time. Basic functions are formatting (supports most popular formats such as NTFS, FAT 16 32, EXT and several others), resizing, deleting, renaming and changing existing partitions, searching possible errors and adds flags and labels for identification of items.

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Partition LogicPartition Logic

Create and manage partitions on your computer with this program. Partition Logic creates, deletes, formats, defragments, modifies the size and move partitions. With this program, you can copy hard drives entirely, from one partition to another. Partition Logic is executable by booting from a CD or a floppy disk.

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Cute Partition ManagerCute Partition Manager

To make your life easier, the Cute Partition Manager brings effectively, practical and easy to manage partitions of hard disks. using this program you easily create, edit and delete partitions, and can manage on your computer. Creating partitions, and better organize the space, makes it feasible to install multiple operating systems on the same hard drive.

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And other free disk  partition software:

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