Top 4 Best Free Windows Backup Software

I have collected top 4 free windows backup software.

GFI Backup

GFI Backup is a handy tool for backing up our disk drives, which emphasizes ease of use, providing multiple functions and it is free.

GFI Backup allows you to copy files, folders, Windows registry keys, mail and user configurations, offering targets the same disk, CD / DVD, a local network drive or FTP server.

Do not worry about space because GFI Backup can compress your backups and encrypt the content so that only you log on to it.

GFI Backup supports backup programmable, e-mail alerts and the ability to create specific tasks backup and restore an entire backup or only part of the content.

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Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup creates and manages backups. Its main screen is divided into two parts: the left showing existing tasks as icons, while the right shows the properties of each task, the history and the event log.

Cobian Backup also has advanced options, such as the definition of pre-and post-task copied or execution of the tasks with other user credentials.

Today, Cobian Backup is one of the best freeware backup.

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FBackup protects important information making automatic backups of any drive, hard disk, memory stick, flash drive, etc.

The copied data can be stored with FBackup tablets that can be password protected.

FBackup is similar in operation to others of this type. Tasks are created for the computer to automatically coping the file. These tasks can add lots of configurations and make copies in several places at once, protect the copied data, etc.

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Comodo BackUp

It backs up files hosted on the local computer or on remote servers and FTP.  

Other interesting features of the program are found in the ability to schedule backups and synchronizations.

The Comodo BackUp functions are easy to use, within reach of any user knowledge.

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