Top 4 Best Free Project Management Software for Windows

Some of the free & best windows application for project management.


Open WorkbenchOpen Workbench

Open Workbench is a complete and fully Opensource application for managing appointments, projects, and tasks of daily life or professional life. The amount of options and features that the program offers are quite satisfactory. It has many resources and Shortcuts to most of its tools. This application is highly recommended for project management, since it is robust and complete tool to organize more complex agendas of the corporate world.

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The GanttProject is a program created for scheduling tasks of a project in its different stages based on the Gantt Chart. It schedules tasks related to a project in fractions with the use of Gantt Diagram. This application is mainly used for small and average size projects.

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OpenProj is developed as a project manager an alternative to Microsoft Project. The program offers several options for adding and managing all activities related to co-development activities, presenting the results, especially in the form of Gantt charts. It has friendly interface and feature-rich menu side shows icons with the program options. It is a really versatile program. With a simple to use interface, the project manager has all the options to make an manage important projects and tasks to be accomplished. The methodology use Gantt charts, widely used today, and can be adapted to PMBOK methodologies, a set of practices in project management of high quality.

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ToDoList is a very complete task manager that has a nice visual and it has many options for user to perform different task. It is a portable task manager that can be taken to where ever you want, ideal for active people who want to increase their efficiency.

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