4 Best Free Online Remote Access Software Services

List of top 4 best free online remote desktop access software for windows operating system.



The LogMeIn offers a different and very simple for you to access the contents of your PC from anywhere. Simply download and install the client machine and log in from another computer. Simple as that.

This program can be used to access your files without having to copy them, for example. You can also help colleagues or clients with installation and configuration programs.

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Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a traditional program for remote access. Its main objective is to facilitate access and sharing of data between two computers connected to the Internet. It can also be used to access your desktop from your notebook when you need to, among other possibilities. You can participate in presentations made by other people, always through connections secure and password protected.

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The Join.me is a great program for conferences and remote access. At first, It seems extremely complex, however, after making the first connection, it is possible to observe that the operating mechanism of the application is simpler than it seems. Beside access, it provides chat screen writing or by voice, to facilitate communication.

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Mikogo is a very lightweight (less than 1.5 MB) that requires no installation capable of holding conferences between computers, which can be used both for technical support and distance learning. It perform conferences via internet and get their problems solved without having to leave home!

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  1. Mike Roger says:

    Hey. I have tried various remote support tools such as logmeinrescue, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer etc. in order to remotely access computers, desktops, laptops etc. They all seem to be working good. I would also recommend deploying on premise RHUB or Bomgar remote support appliances as it is very easy to use and best part is, it is only onetime cost as compared to hosted services.

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