Top 4 Best Free DJ Software for Windows

List of  top 4 best and free DJ program for Windows operating system.



Mixxx is an excellent tool for professional DJs and musicians in general who like to do a ballad happen. He works as a mixer, possessing features that help in live performance, as an estimate of beats, equalization, parallel visual displays, and support for multiple controllers. The program was launched in 2001 and today is popular among musicians on call. It supports audio formats MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG.Form your playlist and add effects to music to make your own style as a DJ. If you want to save a playback sequence, the program is able to record your performance in a WAV file for you to customize your songs.

Operating System: Windos XP – Windows 8

Size: 19.60 MB

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KraMixer is the cutting edge technology to produce the best sound experience for DJs. Interface similar to the actual pickups, favoring the use of software as a workout. It provides shortcuts to control almost all functions of each channel. KraMixer also offers eight special effects to filter the sound in real time – including echo , flange , reverb and preverb – and a tool for recording mixes in MP3.

Operating System: Windos XP – Windows 8

Size: 2.25 MB

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Virtual DJVirtual DJ

Virtual DJ is an application that puts you in charge of the mixer, all in front of your computer. If you’ve ever wondered how to be a DJ, this is a very interesting alternative virtual and showcasing various features. You can use two players simultaneously and it has special effects applied to real tables in music.

Operating System: Windos XP – Windows 8

Size: 36.30 MB

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UltraMixer FreeUltraMixer Free

The UltraMixer Free is an excellent software for those who works with sound on the computer or just want show off your playlists in party, may be used by any user who knows some basics of mixing.

It’s interface is very intuitive and beautiful allowing any user to handle the main functions easily, with it’s easy access buttons, very similar to other audio players and jukeboxes today. Besides all the features mentioned, which draws attention to the UltraMixer is its lightness compared several other music players without many functions.

Operating System: Windos XP – Windows 8

Size: 53.20  MB

Download Here!

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  1. Rasman says:

    I prefer Virtual DJ. Mixx is not so bad as well. The only thing about these free programs is they are limited in capability but for the newbie DJ these programs work great.

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