Top 4 Best Free Alarm Clock Software for Windows

Top 4 list of best and free windows alarm clock software.



The WakeupOnStandBy is a very good program for those who want to streamline tasks need to restart Windows in a state of hibernation or standby. Its flexibility and ease of operation make the programming task an act quick and intuitive. Especially useful for anyone who uses a notebook, and need to recharge the battery daily.


  • Use simple and intuitive
  • Program to accomplish tasks and executing programs automatically
  • Possibility of programming daily routines of use

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Desktop Alarm Clock

Using Desktop Alarm Clock can help those who want to save money and stop buying batteries for your alarm clock. It can also help you not lose the time for various other functions and outside it, have a nice visual and allows the replacement of the standard alarm ringtone MP3 file in accordance with the will of the user.


  • Easy to use
  • Insert an MP3 instead of the alarm
  • Visual cute

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Cool Timer

Cool Timer is a timer that can be set for up to 10 hours and play files in MP3 or WAV format when the specified time expires. Can be

minimized to the System Tray and is very helpful.

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Multilingual Speaking Clock

Multilingual Speaking Clock is a free computer clock which alarms the time in 30 different languages. It supports WAV file for alarm. Graphical display in two sizes, big and small. It runs in the System Tray when you minimize the application.

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