Top 3 Best Free ZIP File Password Cracker or Recovery Software

List of best & free zip  file password recovery and password cracker tools for windows.


Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker can be a good alternative for those who have a password protected ZIP file, providing several tools that can break the secret and open the file safely. In cases where the password is simple, short code, the time until the password is broken is relatively low, but the time resolution increases exponentially as the complexity and size of the password grows. In cases where the password has more than 20 characters, numbers, time may pass several hours.

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Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords on ZIP files compactors as PKZip or WinZip. Supports attacks “brute force” attacks based on dictionaries and known-plaintext attack. The power of the software is impressive: it makes about 15 million attempts per second.

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Ultimate ZIP Cracker

Tool designed to recover passwords for several file types. This Program is able to recover password for the following types of documents: – DOC files from MS-Word, Oficce 97/2000 – XLS files from MS-Excel, Oficce 97/2000 – Files zipped by PKZIP, WinZIP or software of its kind – created by ARJ ARJ files, WinARJ or compatible software.

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Other free and highly recommended zip file password cracker and recovery tool:

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