Top 3 Best Free Software to Delete Files Permanently


Here we listed best free software  to delete files permanently and avoid retrieving documents, that way you can ensure that no previously existing file on the device can be recovered, even with a specific program for the task.


Jihosoft Free Eraser

Jihosoft Free Eraser is an application which is designed to help you to remove files permanently, preventing them can be recovered. Furthermore, it extends its function the removal of partitions or drives present on the computer and is also responsible for clearing the blank space on the hard disk.

The main objective of this application is to increase the safety of those who need to delete confidential documents, making the data not stay longer on your HD. The application provides five methods to override the location where the file was stored, so you can select the one that you see fit.

The program is very lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources and can be used on more modest machines without any problems.

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SecureDelete is an application for secure file deletion. With it you completely remove any files from your computer, without leaving any chance for recovery through programs that perform this type of task.

This software is a high quality, small and intuitive, since it has buttons arranged intelligently and without much visual pollution. Besides the ease to use, we should note the fact that the program erase without a trace, ideal for those who want more privacy with your junk.

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The Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN) is intended for any user who wants to format the drive completely , preventing other users can retrieve the data later. It is not recommended to use DBAN if you are not the system administrator, or if you do not have the means to reinstall the operating system.

Only use the Dariks Boot and Nuke if you really are aware of the risks we run to erase all hard drive information. Also remember that you can not recover anything that is not saved in backup files.

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