Top 4 Best Free CRM Software For Windows

List of best and free windows software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


EQMS Lite one great CRM product for small and individual business and its’s free. It has all sales features you need. This software is mainly used for the management of leads, closures and follow-ups. key benefits are like managing products details, you can realise why you are losing orders, you can know your unique & strong sales stategy which can work, you can get and store leads and products details etc.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8

Size: 4.73 MB

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TopSales automates your sales processes and manages contacts and emails from the Internet. You can increase productivity by providing mailers sales and consumer analysis. You can segment your database of contacts by region, age, gender, occupation and more. For more than 40 customizable fields. You can also categorize contacts by common interests. Make your sales more productive by automating processes and manage their contacts.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8

Size: 8.44 MB

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Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is Free program of customer relationships, which addresses sales, marketing and many useful areas. It has a number of very useful tools to automate some processes, such as sales, marketing, customer support, and several other areas. The application is very dynamic and customizable, allowing you to configure the ideal way for your business. In cases of need for new features, you can find hundreds of useful add-ons and extensions in it’s community.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8

Size: 1.07 MB

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a online program, or a master program for managing customer. This type of program has all the tools necessary for you to manage the relationship with customers and track their sales. It has tools that help you manage contacts, manage business, track sales, control inputs and outputs, inventory, banking portfolio, cash flow, marketing plans, and so on.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8

Size: N/A

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  1. Great list!….. I find that free software has poor quality.
    I strongly recommend using Snapforce CRM software, which is user-friendly. They also work with you every step of the way.
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