Top 3 Best Free Android Scientific Calculator Apps

Here, we posted best free android calculator apps, these are very useful for all those who use scientific calculators in their day to day program. The app brings a lot of options, allowing more different types of accounts.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is an advanced calculator that can solve any type of arithmetic operation that you can imagine. However, unlike other programs of its kind, the app does not have a complex interface for input values. Instead, you see a white box in which you use a capacitive stylus or your finger to write a mathematical operation. The application interprets their designs dynamically, riding the account layout and displaying the result. The app is able to recognize handwritten touch screen, eliminating complex interfaces. Using the application is very easy and intuitive because you feel like you’re writing on a sheet. The app interprets what you draw in real time, riding the mathematic operation and organizing the digits on the screen.

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The RealCalc is a scientific calculator and a unit converter for Android. This is undoubtedly a very useful online tool for anyone who needs to perform an advanced calculus, eliminating the work the user needs to carry more than one device. The application adopts a visual that resembles the models of scientific calculators older hand. The RealCalc is basically composed of two functions: a scientific calculator and converter of measures. Includes functions of historical results, support advanced functions (such as logarithmic and exponential), percentage calculation, trigonometric functions, showing results in different units (such as degrees and radians), hyperbolic functions, factorials, combinations, permutations, logical operators, modes binary, hexadecimal and octal, storage calculation in memory, among many others.

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Smart Scientific Calculator

Smart Scientific Calculator is a scientific calculator with a very simple interface. Nevertheless, all the most popular advanced functions are found. The app has four operating modes: scientific, computational, statistical, and multi-mode.

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