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Top 3 Best Free Software to Delete Files Permanently

  Here we listed best free software  to delete files permanently and avoid retrieving documents, that way you can ensure that no previously existing file on the device can be recovered, even with a specific program for the task.  

Top 4 Best Free CRM Software For Windows

List of best and free windows software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). EQMS Lite EQMS Lite one great CRM product for small and individual business and its’s free. It has all sales features you need. This software is mainly used for

Top 5 Best Free MP3 Tag Editor for Windows

List of top 5 best free MP3 tag editor for Windows operating system. TagScanner TagScanner is a program to rename and edit tags of music files. Through you can do various mass changes across multiple files, without any trouble.  You Just

Top 5 Best Free File Encryption Software

I have listed some of the best and free file encryption software for windows OS. Sophos Free Encryption Protect your files with a password against curious and malicious people, especially if you use notebook. Besides being totally free One of the

Top 5 Best Free File Manager Software for Windows

List of best & free file manger for windows operating system.   Xplorer2 Lite The Xplorer2 Lite offers almost all the features of Windows Explorer, but with many extras. For example, it can manage basic “virtual” directory (such as Control

Top 3 Best Free Calendar Software for Windows

  List of best and free calendar software for windows operating system. Rainlendar Lite Rainlendar Lite is a very interesting application when it comes to agendas and calendars. Easy to use, with a beautiful visual and customizable, the app allows

Top 4 Best Free DJ Software for Windows

List of  top 4 best and free DJ program for Windows operating system.   Mixxx Mixxx is an excellent tool for professional DJs and musicians in general who like to do a ballad happen. He works as a mixer, possessing

Top 4 Best Free Drive Imaging Program for Windows

List of best and free driver imaging program for windows OS.   Macrium Reflect Free The Macrium Reflect Free is surely one of the best and most complete backup programs on the market today. With advanced features and easy access,

Top 5 Best Free BitTorrent Clients for Windows

List of best  & free BitTorrent clients for windows operating system.   UTorrent UTorrent is one of the most popular and easy to use application to download torrent files. The main features are remote access, streaming content, link magnetic preloaded

Top 4 Best Free Clipboard Manager For Windows

Best and free clipboard manager utility  for windows operating system.   Ditto Ditto is an alternative to the clipboard standard Windows. It saves all the items sent to the clipboard so they can be accessed anytime, this includes music, text,