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Best Free Music Recognition Software

My Music Recognition is an application for those who want to know what is the name of the song you are currently listening. The application works with many players and also with songs heard on the internet directly on video and

7 Best Free Apps for Downloading Music on Android

With the advancement of mobile devices and programs developed for them, you can download music directly from the cell without the help of a computer. In some cases, smartphone is even easier than the traditional modes, since the visual applications

5 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows

List of top 5 best free beat making software for Windows operating system. Kristal Audio Engine Kristal Audio Engine is one of the best beat making software, with the simple and easy to use interface. Along with beat making, you

Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Windows

List of top best & free music player and organizer for Windows operating system. Jaangle Janngle player allows you to organize your music by reading labels, letters, artist information and pictures. It is fairly lightweight, practical and easy to install, and