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Top 5 Best Free File Manager Software for Windows

List of best & free file manger for windows operating system.   Xplorer2 Lite The Xplorer2 Lite offers almost all the features of Windows Explorer, but with many extras. For example, it can manage basic “virtual” directory (such as Control

Top 4 Best Free Clipboard Manager For Windows

Best and free clipboard manager utility¬† for windows operating system.   Ditto Ditto is an alternative to the clipboard standard Windows. It saves all the items sent to the clipboard so they can be accessed anytime, this includes music, text,

Top 5 Best Free Download Manager for Windows

List of top free download manager for windows.   Free Download Manager Undoubtedly, Free Download Manager is one of the best download managers there. The program is quite uncomplicated, with buttons well placed in the interface which facilitates the use

Top 5 Best Free Windows Virtual Desktop Manager Software

Top 5 list of free and best windows virtual desktop manager software.   Dexpot Dexpot is free, and is very light and easy to use! Dexpot is a desktop manager for Windows, which stands for the size, speed and usefulness.