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Top 3 Best Free Android Scientific Calculator Apps

Here, we posted best free android calculator apps, these are very useful for all those who use scientific calculators in their day to day program. The app brings a lot of options, allowing more different types of accounts. MyScript Calculator MyScript

3 Best Free Android Apps to Control your Computer

With remote control features, you can perform tasks remotely, controlling your computer or notebook. Application listed below helps you to control your computer simply through an Android handset. Accessing your computer or other people at a distance in real time was

Top 3 Best Free Software to Delete Files Permanently

  Here we listed best free software  to delete files permanently and avoid retrieving documents, that way you can ensure that no previously existing file on the device can be recovered, even with a specific program for the task.  

Top 5 Best Free Adobe PDF Reader Alternatives for Windows

Top 5 list of best and free Adobe PDF Reader alternatives for Windows operating system. PDF-XChange PDF-XChange Viewer is an excellent alternative program for viewing PDF documents. Besides being lighter than other apps of its kind, this friendly program gives

Best Free Word Processor Software for Windows

List of best and free word processor software for windows operating system. Jarte Jarte is a free software and allows you to imports Word files, even from the latest Word 2007. A great alternative when you do not have the

Top 4 Best Free CRM Software For Windows

List of best and free windows software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). EQMS Lite EQMS Lite one great CRM product for small and individual business and its’s free. It has all sales features you need. This software is mainly used for

Top 5 Best Free Paint Software for Windows

I have listed top 5 best free paint software for Windows operating system. Project DogWaffle The Dogwaffle is an image editor full of filters and tools for you to edit your photos. More than 80 filter effects comparable to Photoshop

4 Best Free Online Remote Access Software Services

List of top 4 best free online remote desktop access software for windows operating system.   LogMeIn The LogMeIn offers a different and very simple for you to access the contents of your PC from anywhere. Simply download and install

Top 4 Best Free Digital Image Viewer for Windows

List of top 4 free and best digital image viewer for windows operating systems.  Zoner Photo Studio Since digital photography has come into our homes, we began to accumulate a considerable amount of images in the computer, which often end