Best Free Action Games for Android Smartphone

We have listed some the best and free action games for your android smartphones and tablets, from which you can enjoy top action and arcade games.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZoneshadowgun

This is a continuation of the famous shooting game in the third person – it is now also available for devices Android and iOS.

Here, however, you should not explore large maps, facing giant henchmen and monsters, because the action is even greater. This time everything happens in “deathmatch” format – and you need to fight against other real players from around the world.



Vector is a game of skill and quick thinking that puts players in the role of a man with many problems. After rebelling in job and decides to escape
the office, the young man must run from the police by jumping over buildings of a mega city.

Not to be caught, the protagonist needs to take advantage of their skills in Parkour, jump long distances and dodge dozens of obstacles. In the middle of each race, you can find bright icons that indicate the ability to do special maneuvers.


 Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a game of adventure racing played by none other than Sonic, one of the most popular games of the characters. In it, you will have tosonic-dash run incredible distances and full of challenges, face enemies and overcome all obstacles, and collect the famous rings.

How far can you drive the porcupine faster and famous of the world? Sonic Dash, you should run infinitely, breaking records away. What’s more, you can drive the incredible movement of Sonic shot that allows him to run insane speeds and destroy everything in your path!




The GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D is a flight combat title that puts players to pilot helicopters armed to the war. To move the aircraft, all you GUNSHIP_BATTLEneed to do is tilt your device in the desired direction.

The two arrows on the left of the display are used to skip forward and back, and the right buttons are in charge of launching missiles and pull the trigger of the machine gun. Each mission has specific objectives that are shown at the beginning.

As you progress in the game, you can buy upgrades in “Office” and new helicopters in “Shop”. There is also a world ranking for the most hardworking gamer compete scores.


Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD

In Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD, you find a game third-person shooter that puts players to guide a brave soldier space. The goal of the “marine” isStar-Warfare to end hundreds of alien creatures that have invaded various spatial bases.

You has a control scheme widely used in other titles in the genre. To guide the character, just use an analog D-pad which is in the lower left corner of the screen. In turn, the action button, which serves to attack, is positioned to the right.

Each round annihilation yields a sum of money for your hero. Funds can be used at the online store to buy some armor, backpacks and more powerful electronic weapons.


Best Free Drift Racing Games for Android Smartphones

We have best free drifting games for android smartphones and tablets, these games are for those who love racing with the drifting skills.


CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is a racing game in which your goal is to run wildly to make incredible tracks overruns in the world. You should compete with yourself to unlock new tracks and cars.

The game has amazing graphics for a mobile game that is not as well known. The scenarios in 3D are surprisingly well-structured and beautiful, with many visuals to behold.

Furthermore, the cars are very well detailed. If you brake, the headlight comes on and the car gives a wheel. If turns, the tires move with dexterity. Are realistic effects that make the experience more amazing game.

CarX Drift Racing has extremely simple controls. The screen of the game consists of a button to accelerate, brake and one to one to pull the hand brake. To rotate the steering wheel, just move the phone sideways, making easy playability.

The game also has an amazing menu. It has a beautiful design, is simple to operate and any user will know drive it and find the options quickly.



Drift Mania: Street Outlaws

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is a great game to have fun with your virtual car. The title has excellent graphics, simple game play and still brings various forms of play.

You can start career mode and go to beating records on the slopes of the world’s most radical, in a league battle to see who is the best driver to drift or still have fun playing online with your friends. If you are a beginner, you can also get the training mode, thus acquiring experience and picking up the tricks of the cars and controls.


The Real Drift Racing

The Real Drift Racing is a car game in three dimensions that puts you at ease to skid on the Android screen. The game is focused on a specific kind of challenge on four wheels, in which instead of winning a race, the player needs to skid the car as much as possible.

the Real Drift Racing goes very well, bringing simple and virtual buttons that work very well. Skidding into the game is not complicated task and you can always be in control of your bolide.

The graphics are excellent. Everything in Real Drift Racing is in three dimensions, an interesting difference. The game also shows light and can run on less powerful devices. The textures are pretty basic, like the gaming environment, composed of few elements without much visual detail. The cars are the high point of the graphs of the title, bringing differentiated modeling and enough distinction between them.



Other Recommended Drift Racing Games:




Best Free RPG & Strategy Games for Android Smartphone

Here we have listed some of the best free and paid RPG (Role Playing Game ) and strategy for the android smartphones and tablets.

Battle Camp (Free)

Battle Camp is an RPG that puts you in a fantasy land inhabited by humans and the monsters known as Gorch. Your goal is to become the coach of these creatures, assemble an army strong enough and explore a world full of challenging.

The game begins with a tutorial that explains you the basics of the app: how to capture new monsters, talk, conduct missions and fight. It’s in the battles, even the gameplay changes drastically: the blows are brandished based on a mini game of connect the same color stones, and the united item corresponds to the element of the character will attack.

You progress through the game as you complete missions and get increasingly stronger Gorchs. With the team assembled, it is possible to venture into the online multiplayer mode and play against coaches from around the world.



Kritika: Chaos Unleashed (Free)

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is a hack and slash focused on crushing virtual buttons for running insane combos in countless creatures. The title offers everything a good action game requires: a large variety of weapons, upgrades, enemies and maps to annihilate.

To join the world of Chaos Unleashed, you can create an account in HIVE. Through your profile, all online resources will be available and if you want to not waste time on records, do not worry, after all, the game allows you to enter as a guest.



Epic Angry Birds (Free)

Epic Angry Birds is a game developed by Rovio RPG that puts all the characters of the games Angry Birds to fight each other. As is tradition in the series, you can use the birds to fight the pigs in epic battles.

In addition to a variety of characters, you will also have several weapons, spells and wacky hats of power! Beat your enemies with many tricks and a horde of angry birds!


Shadow Fight 2 (Free)

Shadow Fight 2 is one of most pupular RPG game for android smartphones, controll in the touch screen very smooth with the excellent graphic.



Summoners War: Sky Arena (Free)

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a fighting game and RPG in which your objective is to destroy your enemies with the help of a powerful team. Explore a world battle that is searching for the Mana Crystals, vital to the survival of inhabitants resource.

Convene more than 400 different types of monsters to compete for victory on Sky Arena. Collect as many monsters as you can from the large collection that separates all five different attributes: Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Darkness.



The Bard’s Tale (Paid)

The Bard’s Tale is an adventure game and RPG that puts players in a fantasy world set in the Middle Ages. In control of a kind charming rat, you embark on a comic adventure full of monsters and many challenges.

The third-person camera and traditional touch controls allow for nimble handling. To guide the protagonist, just slide your finger on the D-pad which is in the lower left corner of the screen, and to attack or defend, you must press one of the buttons at the right.

A highlight of the title is the magical guitar that allows the protagonist to invoke fighting animals such as rats and electric spiders. Thus, you need not confront the enemy directly.



Final Fantasy (Paid)

Final Fantasy is a remake of the game of the same name which was originally released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo. The game features an engaging plot that tells the story of Cecil and Kain riders in their struggle against the Empire Baron, who threatens the peace of the world in search of the magic crystals. Luckily for purists, no change occurred in this regard.


Order & Chaos Online (Paid)

Order & Chaos Online is one of best real-time 3D MMORPG for Android devices. The game features a system of advanced character creation to customize heroes. There are four professions available, you can choose the gender, race, appearance, class and skills.


Best Free Racing Games for Android for Smartphone

Portable devices have become an increasingly interesting platform for playing games, especially Smartphone. Just like on consoles or PC, the racing games always have been favorites among different age group individual with various options ranging from simple to sophisticate.

If you like high speed racing games in your Smartphone. Here we have select some of the best racing games for portable devices, some free and some paid.

We elaborate on this list with Car Racing, Motorcycle racing, Drift Racing, and Draft Racing games for Android. And, you can approach these with the four wheeler or two-wheeled machines – you will face complicated circuits like muddy, sandy, forest, and etc.
Best Free Car Racing Games For Android Smartphone
Now you can download best and free car games on your Android devices. In this post you will find games ranging from the simplest to those in which it takes the skill of a true professional racer on the track. You can accelerate with Asphalt, CSR Racing, Fast Racing 3D and other racing games.

Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android
For those who want to discover the feeling of racing a motorcycle, and lovers of adrenaline and speed. Link above has the best and free Moto games for you to choose what suits you. Among the options there are Trial Xtreme 3, in which the player has the feeling of playing a real race to the Moto X Mayhem, which puts the rider to drive on challenging trails. And other are like MOTOCROSS MELTDOWN, 2XL MX Offroad and Mad Skills Motocross 2.

Best Free Drift Racing Games for Android
We have gathered some of the best drag racing game which can be install and played in Android devices. From the link below you find games like Hot Rod Racers, Drag Racing and etc.

Best Free Drift Racing Games for Android
In the drift racing games you have to skid every left-right turn in the racing track. From the link below you can find most popular games like CarX Drift Racing, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws, The Real Drift Racing and etc.

Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android Smartphones

We have the best free drag racing games for android devices, these racing are very entertaining and additive. You can play these racing games offline and online with your friends.


Hot Rod Racers

Hot Rod Racers is a game that puts you inside the cockpit of a tuned car as a driver of illegal disputes the streets of several cities and towns around the world. The dynamics of matches has secret: you need to step on the accelerator and make changing gears as accurately as possible, preventing the vehicle lose performance or stop damaging the engine.

Also, your car has the good old nitro cylinders thrusters capable of doing your powerful practically off the asphalt. All these features are controlled and operated through virtual buttons displayed on your smartphone or tablet display.
Another important thing you should keep in mind while playing Hot Rod Racers is who will be participating in illegal races, the popular and dangerous cracks. Thus, there is no rule beyond whoever receives the checkered flag first is the winner. That means you can throw your car against your opponent to make it off the runway. For this, all you need to do is turn the gadget sideways.

Every race held, you are rewarded with experience points and coins which serve to unlock scenarios and acquire new cars and upgrades – including exchange of engine, suspension, gearbox, brakes and tires.



CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a game of torn with traditional mechanics that was developed especially for people who like to complete drag racing games. A lot of upgrades, vehicles and possibilities will keep hardcore gamers glued to their gadgets for long.

The intuitive control scheme facilitates gambling, because just stepping on the gas pedal and push a button to switch gears at the right time. In addition, a small red indicator on the dashboard indicates the best time for exchange, helping the less experienced players to take full advantage of the engine.

The Quick Start mode, the single player campaign and the online multiplayer mode (with integration to Facebook) provide a complete set of possibilities for gamers of all types, resulting in hours of fun.
The 3D graphics are another prominent feature, since the vehicles were well modeled and night scenarios abuse the light effects to draw attention. Another good attribute is that, despite the beauty, CSR Racing is a lightweight title that should run in an agile way for older units.



Drag Racing

Drag Racing is an addictive game where every win makes you want to run more. The first step is to choose which car you want to compete. You have $ 15,000 to buy one of the three models available.

To help you choose, select the Test Drive option and make a test run with each of the cars. Prices range between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 is important to analyze the value, because money makes you can improve your car.



Recommended Drag Racing Games:

Best Free Motorcycle games for Android Smartphones

We have list of best free motorcycle game for android devices, these game are for those loves speed and stun.



MOTOCROSS MELTDOWN is an amazing game race in which you control a motocross rider flying low by dirt tracks full of ramps and other dangerous obstacles.

To win and do stunts, you need to tap the action button at the bottom right when the colored balls pass through the marker. The more accurate you are, the better the performance will be.

Each stage increases the level of difficulty, requiring you to make perfect moves in the air or around corners to not let the biker fall.


Trial Xtreme 3

Trial Xtreme 3 is an amazing game for those who want adventure on two wheels. With it, you caTrial Xtreme 3n have fun without limits and face heavy tracks and full of challenges with a very powerful bike.

To control your vehicle, you should just touch the screen the buttons indicated. You can speed up and perform tricks by touching the screen. To give balance, rotate your gadget to the sides, controlling the athlete’s body.

Despite being free, the Trial Xtreme 3 does not disappoint in any aspect. The images of the game are full of textures, shadows and reflections that help make things even more real. Furthermore, the Xtreme Trial 3 has a practically perfect physical simulation, an essential item for the success of a game that requires consistent responses to weight and vehicle speed.

One of the highlights of Trial Xtreme 3 is the number of free steps: the game features nearly 80 levels for you to enjoy without having to pay anything for it. So, for anyone who is a fan of extreme games, Trial Xtreme 3 can be considered an indispensable app!



2XL MX Offroad

For those who want to experience the adrenaline of racing, 2XL MX Offroad is the perfect game. In2XL MX Offroad it, you find tracks filled with obstacles, curves and opponents ready to make you eat dust. Furthermore, it offroad also has precise controls with responses well suited to commands from the player.

You just need to take care of the brake and drive the car, turning your device sideways. If you want, you can change all the controls pausing the game. You can take the automatic acceleration and further improve the sensitivity of responses and several other possibilities.

The sounds of the game can also be changed. It’s just whether you want to hear over the sounds of the bikes or the audience, for example. When the race get to the end, you start to see your position in relation to other competitors.


Mad Skills Motocross 2Mad Skills Motocross 2

This motorcycle racing game has a number of vehicles that can be unlocked as you progress in the game, and can also be customized. You can set the colors of the suit the driver, the bike itself and choose the vehicle number displayed during races.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 has two basic styles of game play: single player and multiplayer. In both races always occur with only two drivers. When choosing a stage to play, you must determine which vehicle you want to use (some are faster, accurate and more stable than others). After that, just embarking phases and prepare to run.


Best Free Car Racing Games For Android Smartphones

List of best free car racing games for android devices, these game allows you to choose different popular brand racing car, and you race these car in the real world environment.


The Asphalt series is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious when it comes to breakneck Asphalt 8racing. This latest version of the game released simultaneously to Android and iOS, you will find new tracks and vehicles to test their skills as a pilot.

The control scheme follows the same pattern of the previous games because tilt the gadget in the desired direction to turn. The brake is activated by touching the left side of the display, while the right side serves to release the turbo (“Propulsion”).

If you want to make a drift, you should use once the brake in the middle of a curve and incline the gadget to dose slippage. The technique is essential indoors and helps prevent strikes.

From the main menu, all options appear in small animated windows right and bottom side of the interface. At first, you have access to “CAREER: SEASON 1”. To free up more lanes, you must earn stars getting good results.

Any vehicle can have its attributes enhanced to “IMPROVE”. There are four available categories: “Acceleration”,  “Speed. Max.”, “Driveability” and “Propulsion”.



CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a racing game that puts players to participate in cracks in three-dimensional scenarios to make your jaw drop. To start competing, justCRS_racing click Next and buy your first vehicle.

The second screen displays the garage, where you can find the store new cars (CAR DEALER), upgrades and customization options. When you have finished managing your fireballs, just click Next to display the screen missions.

When the handle to start the throttle positioned in the lower right corner is used only in the moment of departure. Then you have to use the blue arrows to continue to shift gears. A red light helps you to find the best time to return, as the time changes as the vehicle.

Every time you run a race, you will be entitled to withdraw an award, regardless of their position. With this, you can make modifications to your car, how to change the colors, change tires, put stickers and improve motor.

Thus, it is possible to compete in the fiercest races and improve the whole performance of your vehicle – and leave you with a totally unique style, of course. If you’re already sick of the same model, there is also the possibility to buy new cars and leave the old ones stored in the garage.



Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D is a racing game that puts you to accelerate at full speed in the middle of Fast Racing 3Dmodern cities filled with buses and other vehicles. As you can imagine, the mission is to overcome the opponents and come first. In urban tracks filled with obstacles and other vehicles, the goal is to leave opponents in the dust and, of course, come first.

The game play is very good, considering that the movements are done through the accelerometer. The car does not follow 100% the inclination of the device, but turns smoother and more controlled manner, helping gamer to make the curves smoothly.

The lanes are wide and there are many bonuses to pick up and interact, making it attractive gambling for players seeking casual fun. The scenarios are varied and the store has flashier options, although presses are salted, making little upgrades accessible for those not wishing to spend a few dollars with micro transactions.


Best Free Offline Basketball Games for Android Smartphones

We have selected some of the best and free basketball games app for Android smartphones and tables which you can play offline and live, as you know basketball is the most loved and played game in this planet. So, we have list below some of best basketball game.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball is a basketball arcade game that puts players to practice various types of pitches. In all modes, your goal is always the same: throw the ball accurately to the basket.

To throw the ball, you must slide your finger upwards on the screen. When the shorter moving, less force is applied, and the longer the gesture farther the ball will go.

To deceive an opponent, you must first swipe your finger horizontally across the screen and wait for the right moment to shoot the ball.

The graphics engine impresses title by detailed three-dimensional scenarios and the realistic movements of the players. As you might expect, some textures are a bit blurry, but the set is undoubtedly very attractive.

If you enjoy basketball, Real Basketball is a title that can not miss in your gadget. With four free modes, dozens of customization and multiple levels of difficulty options, the work has everything to keep you glued to your gadget.


Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is really a game that deserves mention: it is fun, totally free and with discrete bottom of the screen that appear only in the intervals between one match and another ad.

The feature that most pleases is the style of game, which is totally casual, but at the same time appreciates the achievements of the player reward good games with tickets used to ensure new scenarios in the game.

Your mission is to score maximum points in a similar toys arcade, you only has some balls and a basket within a limited space environment.

Before you begin, choose the theme of the game. There are five options, but only the first is unlocked – after starting the theme “Arcade”, you need to earn points in the game tickets and, with them, new scenarios can be enabled.


Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot is a game made for those who loves to play basketball. With it, you have plenty of fun games in which a ball and is ready to use the basket.

To control the ball is easy: you just need to touch the screen and slide your finger across the display to indicate the location where it will be launched. Then wait until it hits the basket and increase your points. The more hits followed, the more points you earn.

The Basketball Shoot game is quite fun and can even be considered essential for anyone who likes basketball. The app brings challenges of high quality in various aspects and should not disappoint you even if you have a high level of demand.

The game’s graphics are 2D, with illustrations combine with the very theme of the game. The change of scenery as the game progresses is another plus point of the Basketball Shoot. Thus, gaming is not tiring.

Best Free Bowling Games App for Android Smartphones

List of best free bowling games app for android smartphones and tablets, bowling is one most desirable game for android users. There are so many bowling games to choose from, so I have listed some of best games you can find.


3D Bowling

3D Bowling is a bowling game for Android Market with excellent graphics and five different types of track to play. You can
choose between a traditional look or bowling in the street, in a super formal room, full of sparkles environment and even in a

To change the setting, simply slide your fingers across the top of the interface. Each time you change lanes, you can choose to play a different, with varied colors and designs ball.

To play, click play now (Play Now). There are ten rounds in total and in each one, you have two chances to knock down all ten
pins at the end of the runway. If you can knock down all at once, goes to the next play.

Each time that all pins are knocked down (either on a strike or spare – when all ten pins are knocked down twice) points of
their next move may be doubled. That is, the more regular you are, the more points can add up.

3D Bowling maintains statistics for all matches. In Scores (Scores), the application marking the best score by the average
departure, the largest number of strikes in one game or consecutive, as well as spares .


Bowling King

Bowling King: The Real Match is definitely one of the best and most entertaining games of the genre available at Play Store.
Between ourselves, bowl games there are not as exciting, but PNIX Games knew how to combine a competitive atmosphere with
social elements that are very welcome.

The game is visually stunning and perfectly represent surprised by the ambiance of the bowling lanes. The ball physics is
another point that should be highlighted and you’ll be flabbergasted by the realism of some plays.
Just like in the real game, you will be responsible for shooting the ball towards the pins to knock them down. The force with
which the ball is thrown applied will depend on the speed with his finger.

To guide the path of the ball, it is necessary to move the smartphone to the left or to the right. It is noteworthy that any
sudden movement will result in many lost points. To change the destination of the object, suffice slight movements with your

To become the number one world ranking, you need to challenge many other players and completing numerous challenges. In the
game, there are over 150 achievements that can be unlocked throughout the gambling and may yield some additional benefits to
enhance your gaming experience.



Best Free Pool Games App for Android Smartphones

List of best free pool games app for android tablets and smartphones, if you like playing real world pool, these application can entertain you in your free time.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a traditional game pool online, in which players from around the world can meet to wager virtual money. You can log android 8 ball pool gamesin using Facebook, with your Miniclip account or play as a guest.

To start a game, just press the button “Play one on one.” The game automatically takes care of looking for an opponent for you. Turn on “Play With Friends”, you can challenge one of your friends to a game.
The first element that draws attention is the lobby well developed that incorporates all the features of the title. In one place, you can challenge your friends, search for an opponent to the net and buy accessories in the game store.

During matches the game play is excellent, because the control scheme, which requires only touches on the screen is very smooth and precise. Moreover, the title displays lines indicating the angle of the balls after a beat.


Pool Billiards Pro

Pool Billiards Pro is a way to practice pool on your smartphone. The game has a very beautiful interface, and lets you play the way Pool billiardseight or nine balls, is challenging device itself, or coaching moves and challenging yourself.

If you want to play alone, select the Single Player mode. There you can choose between Practice (Training) or Challenge in each of the two game modes. The first has given time and serves for you to practice Billiards Pro Pool.

In Challenge, you have two minutes to knock all the balls from the table. The Computer vs. (Against the computer) mode puts you to play against Android. You can also choose between playing eight or nine balls.

you need to knock down more balls than your opponent, trying to kill the eight ball at the end. The pot is split between the high number of balls (stripes) and low (full-color). His balls are marked on the table during the game, with a white circle around, so you do not miss the target.

To play, drag your finger to direct the bat. A white trace shows the direction of the ball. Then select the strength of the shot in the Power bar (Power) on the right side of the screen. To select where to hit the cue, click the white ball in the bottom of the screen and position the red dot.