Top 4 Best Free Email Clients for Windows 7

Some of the best and free top 4 Email clients for the windows 7 are listed below:


Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email client open source and freeware developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

Thunderbird has a nice tabs that you can move from one message to another and the new manager for plugins, more convenient and complete.

Thunderbird includes an address book to add individual contact.  It is possible to import and export existing contact lists.

Writing an email is easy with Thunderbird. It has editing tools such as different font sizes, italics, underline, bulleted lists, text justification, adding attachment or smileys.

Work offline and indexing messages have also been greatly improved. A free Outlook without compromise. Finally, Mozilla introduces new keyboard shortcuts to facilitate research within Thunderbird.

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Foxmail is a handy mailer, an alternative to Outlook and Thunderbird easy to use and offers the usual functions to send and receive messages, store the data of your contacts and set alarms.

With Foxmail get messages from multiple accounts, you can search content, write emails with templates, and read news thanks to the integrated RSS reader.

Foxmail supports import and export, encrypting messages, access POP, IMAP and Web, and edit or create templates from scratch and access all attachments with their own manager.

Thunderbird is a bird of good omen. Faster, prettier, better integrated with your OS should soon make its nest among the essentials.

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DreamMail mail client is an alternative to the ubiquitous Outlook. Like other similar programs, has support for standard mail protocols (POP, IMAP), contact list and RSS reader.

Using DreamMail not complication. Also, if you work with multiple accounts, you can manage the time and filter and find content quickly.

DreamMail can import and export data and access your webmail from the integrated browser. It also has a variety of templates for your posts and give a touch of originality.

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If you use a desktop manager to send and receive your email, why not use the more customized mails? IncrediMail is compatible with POP3 and IMAP and, of course, is able to manage multiple email accounts. But its distinguishing feature is that it allows to customize and add emoticons to backgrounds and frames to your mails.

It offers a lot of backgrounds, frames, emoticons and all kinds of details and animations, sure to please the recipient of the mail.

Furthermore, we can send emails with beautiful animation and when we receive a new email, the message can be configured as an entertainment spectacular, all without installing any additional software.

It supports Windows Live Mail, GMail, AOL, Yahoo mail, etc.

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