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Best Free Game Booster Software for Windows

Razer Game Booster is best free application created for those who want to take full advantage of the power of your PC to play. When enabled, the software automatically turns off all type of application that is consuming memory or

Best Free Music Recognition Software

My Music Recognition is an application for those who want to know what is the name of the song you are currently listening. The application works with many players and also with songs heard on the internet directly on video and

Best Free Emoticons for Facebook Chat and Comments

Emooji is a best and free tool for those who love to use emoticons, smileys and other animals thumbnail images to Facebook. With this program, you get dozens of options over the figures to complement comments, posts and images. This

Top 4 Best Free Subtitle Editor Software

One of the biggest frustrations in life happen when you go watch a movie or series and the legend just does not appear where it should. This makes it impossible to follow what’s happening on the screen, disrupting what should

4 Best Free Software to Make Panoramic Photos

List of best and free software editor to create panoramic photos in your PC, you just need multiple images and add them into these software to create. Image Composite Editor Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an image editor that allows

4 Best Free Network Packet Analyzer Tools

List of the best and free Network packet sniffer and analyzer software for the network administrator and normal user to test the network.   Wireshark Wireshark is a program that verifies the packets transmitted by the communication device (network card,

6 Applications for Windows 8 that will Help you Study Better

  Microsoft announced on list with six applications for Windows 8 that can become great companions during the semester. Check out the selection below and select those that best suit your everyday life.   One Note Ideal for those who

Top 5 Best Free Chatting Application for Office Use

List of top 5  best free Chatting Application for the office use and best free LAN messenger. Tonic The Tonic has a very interesting system for sending and receiving messages, working almost like a mail server informal. It likes instant

6 Features Removed by Microsoft Windows 8.1

The first major update of Windows 8 has brought many innovations to consumers.  Some features that were previously present simply disappeared. It is unclear whether they will be abandoned completely or if the final version of Windows 8.1 they can

Best Free Windows Software

Here in this page we have collected Windows best free applications and we categories them. All application listed are free and we believe these software are best among their respective category.   List of Best Free Windows Software with Category: Cleaning