Best Free Word Processor Software for Windows

List of best and free word processor software for windows operating system.


Jarte is a free software and allows you to imports Word files, even from the latest Word 2007. A great alternative when you do not have the Microsoft word around. You can install it on a USB stick and take anywhere. With a modern and elegant design, this program has a different interface, with a view that looks like brushed steel dominates the layout. Jarte allows you to write, insert images, links, and search and replace words, to complete offers direct link to Wikipedia and One Look dictionary. With the same choice of fonts that Word, it certainly could be a substitute to the height of the editor of Microsoft.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8
Size: 2.91 MB
Download From Official Site!



AbiWord is a lightweight text editor and complete – has a wide range of editing tools and personalized text. It is suitable for those who seeking software that allows writing with quality and safety for a low price, or free. The interface very similar to consolidated and widely used applications, such as Word and Writer, makes life easier for the user. With a few minutes of use you can familiarize yourself with the means to access their tools. In short, AbiWord is a powerful text editor, very fast, stable and practical during our tests.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 7
Size: 7.49 MB
Download From Official Site!



Besides being free, the program is extremely comprehensive and easy to use as it is very similar to the Word. A major difference with PolyEdit over other word processors is the possibility to work with several tabs. As in Firefox, PolyEdit brings the user the ability to multitask with only one window. The program has the main functions of text editors the most complete, like inserting images, Unicode support and more.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 8
Size: 2.9 MB
Download From Official Site!


Atlantis Nova

The Atlantis Nova is easy to install and extremely light, a fact which makes it very “portable” and useful for those who frequently use word processing. It contains all the tools you need to create, edit and print documents. There are several functions in the Atlantis Nova, which makes it a very versatile word processor and recommended for those who do not want to depend on a “Notepad” to enter your things.

Operating System: Windows XP – Windows 7
Size: 643 KB
Download From Official Site!


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