Best free VNP Software to Access Internet

GetPrivate VPN, as its name suggests, is a program used to create a VPN (virtual private network) between your computer and the servers of the developer. In practice, it is for you to protect your personal data, browsing the Internet anonymously and preventing possible regional blocks access to certain pages.

This way, you avoid leaving traces for tracking through services that perform this task, and can protect the identity of your computer when you are using a public network, for example.


Private Access

A key issue when accessing the network is trying to ensure the security of information as data from credit card activities and messages.

In addition, there are also problems such as tracking information held by various companies simply because you access pages on the net. Therefore, some people opt for using a proxy service or private networks to try to improve the security of access. The GetPrivate VPN offers an alternative for you to create that kind of connection tunnel.

The program offers a simple interface, with limited data and a button for you to perform the connection. The use of the application does not have any secret, requiring only click the “Connect” button and wait a few moments. Then, the program will perform the connection to the servers of the developer, using a secure network.

One of the great advantages of the program is that you need not do any kind of registration or account for use. Moreover, it is not necessary to perform manual settings or change the options for your network adapter or Windows. So even if you have never operated an application that style should not encounter major difficulties in doing so. On the other hand, if you like to control aspects of running the VPN, you can get a little frustrated with the application.

If you want to undo the VPN and go back to using your real IP, just open the application screen and click the “Disconnect” button. Then, at the end of the operation you will have left the private connection.


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