Best Free Tool to Check Vulnerabilities in Computer

SecPod Saner Personal is a best free tool to check vulnerabilities in PCand  keep your computer protected against the threat of malware attacks to which we are constantly susceptible to remain connected to the internet.

For this, the program has resources that scan and perform tests in various sections of the operating system after the possible security breaches that may facilitate the entry of malware or the action of malicious persons.

One of the advantages to using SecPod Saner Personal is, besides finding vulnerabilities PC, offers and automatically performs the possible fixes.

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How to activate your free license

So you can use all the features of Personal SecPod Saner, you must purchase a license to use. Calm, because this version of the program is completely free and will not charge anything to use. However, you must perform some procedures to achieve this activation mechanism.

The first time the application is opened, it displays a message asking for the passkey. In this popup, click on “Get it here”. Following, you are redirected to a page on the official website of the software. In it, complete the displayed form and press “Send Activation Key” button.

Then use the link sent to the email address entered to save the file with the code from your license. Go back to the home screen open by SecPod Personal Saner, and this time click on “Import License” option. Through Windows Explorer window that appears, find the newly downloaded file, and finally, press the “Activate” button.

The operation of SecPod Saner Personal is uncomplicated. After running it, check for updates of the databases is initiated. With its fully updated definitions, all you need do is press the “Start Scan” button. done, the program will perform the scan on the system and display a report with possible security flaws. To fix all at once, you can simply click on “remediate All” option.

Thus SecPod Personal Saner automatically tries to remedy these problems, how to download specific software updates, disable some Windows settings, among other actions. To further ease your life, the application provides a mechanism for scheduling scans.

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