Top 4 Best Free Subtitle Editor Software

One of the biggest frustrations in life happen when you go watch a movie or series and the legend just does not appear where it should. This makes it impossible to follow what’s happening on the screen, disrupting what should be an enjoyable session in front of the TV. Here we listed some of the best and free software to edit subtitles of your video files.


Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a complete editing and creating subtitles for videos program. The program includes a wide variety of tools and is extremely simple and straightforward use. It supports a lot of video formats, and is also able to save on the most different subtitle formats.It has a variety of tools so big that brings up a spell checker to make your perfect job. Usability of the program is almost intuitive because all options are already on the main screen.



Easy Subtitles Synchronizer

Easy Subtitles Synchronizer allows you to edit the synchronization and subtitle text in SRT and SUB formats, facilitating the editing process when there is a problem in the visualization of lines on the screen. Thus, you no longer need to wait for others to have a perfect legend, the way you understand well. The program allows you to edit both specific lines as general information, speeding the process of building and repairing.



Subtitle Edit

With Subtitle Edit you can correct and edit subtitles downloaded from the internet. The program has an interesting interface that allows you to edit not only the writing but also the start time and end Subtitle by correcting potential problems of synchronization between the subtitle and video. The Subtitle Edit brings several features that make it quite complete for what to do. It is a tool that fixes the framerate of the subtitle, leaving it equal to the final video.




The Aegisub is an old acquaintance it often works to creat and translation of subtitles for web videos. This is a free program, open source (source code is available for anyone who wants to study it or modify it) and geared for the beginner audience that does not yet have much experience in the software type. The utility also has versions for Linux and Mac, plus a portable edition that requires no installation and can be freely transported on a removable storage media



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