Top 5 Best Free Rootkit Scanner and Remover for Windows

My top 5 list of free and best rootkit scanner and remover for windows.


Kaspersky TDSSKiller

The company Kaspersky has created a powerful tool to the virus Tidserv rootkits, and Alureon TDSServ. This Kaspersky tool is designed for searching and securing from such virus and increase security measures against specific attacks. Kaspersky TDSSKiller is therefore a program that helps the user to prevent against such attacks. Installation is very simple can be done quickly and without complications. Once the program is in your PC, you need to do is run the  “start scan” action to begin investigating. After the process it will return a complete analysis of your computer system and it will let you know if your computer is infected or not. If your computer has a virus you can ignore the warning, remove the file containing the virus or quarantine.

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Avast Anti-Rootkit

This anti rootkit tool is based on the command prompt. It uses the powerful engin called GMER. This tool is very simple and easy to use, some people might find difficult to use because of its command prompt design. It will do good job on scanning, removing and fixing  the rootkit issues.

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Sophos Anti-Rootkit

The Sophos anti rootkit software offers a free utility that will analyze your system for rootkits. For all Windows users, Sophos is an easy and very effective way to remove rootkits, suitable even for beginners.

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Dr.Web CureIt!

The next product I reviewed is one that I always keep in my tools. Dr. Web CureIt!, A free anti-virus that requires no installation.The concept of Dr.Web CureIt! is to offer in a single executable, no installation, a program that scans your PC and disinfects viruses. Simply download Dr.Web CureIt! just before your scan, because the executable includes the entire database to identify viruses and Trojans. Once downloaded, simply run the EXE that automatically detects the default language of your operating system and adapts its interface accordingly. Dr.Web CureIt! known as analysis of RAM or scan only certain files to be processed. You can also easily define the behavior of the virus, according to the problems found: Quarantine, Delete, simple alert, etc..

Very well thought out, Dr.Web CureIt! is a good tool performance, a pellet anti-virus to keep aside in case of an attack.

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Prevx Free 

Prevx is an excellent tool rootkit with a community database, and it detect, delete or quarantine applied to all types of malicious software, i.e.rootkit, viruses, Trojans, phishing, malware, spyware, etc.

Its operation is very simple, and once you have running, the application is processed in the background (which means lower consumption of resources) monitoring software that runs any unauthorized transactions or edit the registry, using a database of community with all kinds of harmful elements that have been collected by Prevx users worldwide and over successive versions.

It has a user interface very easy to manage, which includes an option to “jail” to isolate the different harmful elements detected in different security levels. This application allows you to protect your system against attacks from all types of malicious applications, you need not look around.

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