Best Free PDF Editor Apps for Android Smartphones

People who use their android mobile devices to read eBook probably should have felt the lack of a specific tool that makes reading and manipulating books in PDF format more enjoyable. So, we have list of best and free PDF editor and reader apps for andorid devices which is specially designed to facilitate the reading of eBooks.


SmartQ Reader

SmartQ Reader brings a set of tools with which you can break the pages into sections, adjust the brightness of the interface, apply visual effects and even write and draw your own comments. SmartQ Reader really surprising, since reading books and any other type of content becomes a much more simple and enjoyable with the help of the application task.

In the home screen, the app displays all your files in PDF format on the Library tab. You can also find free content on the Internet tab or check the recent files viewed in Recent.



Foxit Mobile PDF

Foxit Mobile PDF is the free version of the popular Android application present on computers that allows you to access texts and publications in PDF format. With it, you can create favorites lists and rely on the “Reflow” tool, adapting the format of the text to the phone’s screen automatically.

The “home” button in the upper left corner of the interface, lets you navigate the phone’s memory card and manually look for compatible files. Anyway, you can filter the list by clicking on the first icon at the top bar of the program and selecting the “List all PDFs” option.


PDF Reader

PDF Reader is a free app for you to open PDF files on your Android. The app allows you to access documents on the memory card of the device or perform a scan to find compatible files. The reading screen supports pinch-to-zoom to enlarge the content of the PDF, and you can navigate between the pages of the file with the help of a bar at the bottom of the display moves.

You can also do readings in full-screen mode, with display horizontally or vertically (ideal for tablets). PDF Reader is a lightweight and intuitive application for reading of thousands of files.



AnDoc – PDF & DJVU

AnDoc – PDF & DJVU Reader is a minimalist reader PDF files whose goal is to help you to read documents without major complications. When you download a file through the browser, just select the “Open with AnDoc” option.

You can also run the app directly and browse the directory of your memory card for compatible items. In the “Recent” tab, you can see the last files that were accessed through the program.


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