Best Free Online Spyware and Malware scanner Tool

F-Secure Online Scanner is an online tool to do a scan on your computer for malware and spyware without the need to install anything on the system. The program searches for and eliminates pests within minutes, as if it were a normal antivirus, but the web.

Before you start scanning, you must install a plugin to Firefox or Internet Explorer through the program website. Once installed, you must restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Visit the site and click the “start” button again to open the scanning window.

The interface is very intuitive and has support for multiple languages. It requires no installation but requires an internet connection.

For the program to work, it is necessary that the service has no failures to download, as found in some attempts made by our team. If the problem persists, wait a few minutes to start a new scan.

Types of Scan

To open the main program, select the language to facilitate the identification of functions; This option is located in the upper right of the window.

The program provides three scanning options: “Quick Scan”, “Full Scan” and “My scan”. The first option is to scan the system files, ie. , are the most common places for these pests become lodged. The “Full Scan” takes long time and scans the entire computer. Depending on the amount of files, this process can take hours.

The last option “My scan” allows you to configure the scan in several ways. In this option, you can choose the types of files that will be analyzed and select the folders that can be infected.


Before starting the scan, the program needs to download some components in a temporary folder on your computer. If asked to confirm safety for any procedure, confirm and wait for the process to finish. At the end of the inspection, the window will show the result and request removal, confirm the deletion and wait for the final report.

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