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Want to create an invitation or a visual presentation with professional face? Want to venture in creating pages with sophisticated and neat layout? The free program Canva is a complete solution for image processing, and file cards in different shapes and graphic designs.

The application works directly through the website where you can sign up by email or through Facebook. The program uses a database with more than one million images, largely in the public domain, you create your cards, banners, layouts, and whatever else your creativity allows.

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Among these images are available by this application models icons, frames, shapes, lines and labels, with different styles and with the ability to edit each picture according to your design.

In addition, there are several other categories with images of animals, food, clothing, representations of places and vehicles for you to use.


Tutorial and first project

When you start first time, the program directs you to a very explanatory tutorial on all the tools available, the possibilities for editing and layout of elements on the screen resource.

The tutorial concludes with a quick test that you need to perform simple tasks to show that you understand how to move the application. The lesson is effective to you immediately put your hands dirty.

By completing this initial tools recognition steps, you are guided to a personal page with your profile name in this application, where you can manage your projects, save files or start new jobs.

In the new Projects tab, you can choose what type of file you want to create. There are several preset options: social media, presentation, poster, graphic blog, facebook cover, document (A4), card, photo collage, business card and invitation.

Each of these options comes with several design and layout alternatives you can use. You can also customize your own document using the “custom dimensions.”


Layouts, text and backgrounds

This web application offers many customizable tools for you to work. Besides having a vast stock photos at your disposal, the program has page layout in different shapes and motions, always with the ability to edit the information on the screen.

In the menu on the left side of the interface, you can also choose text and background colors to apply to their projects. There are a lot of different formats of letters and many textures for use in documents.

Additionally, you can at any time send a picture of personal library to the “Uploads” section, or redeem a photograph published in your account by Facebook, and use these files along with their creations.

When you finish a project, you can share the results on social networks or save the document by clicking on “Link & Publish”. When choosing the size of the final file, Canva automatically starts the download of your work.

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