Best Free Offline Basketball Games for Android Smartphones

We have selected some of the best and free basketball games app for Android smartphones and tables which you can play offline and live, as you know basketball is the most loved and played game in this planet. So, we have list below some of best basketball game.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball is a basketball arcade game that puts players to practice various types of pitches. In all modes, your goal is always the same: throw the ball accurately to the basket.

To throw the ball, you must slide your finger upwards on the screen. When the shorter moving, less force is applied, and the longer the gesture farther the ball will go.

To deceive an opponent, you must first swipe your finger horizontally across the screen and wait for the right moment to shoot the ball.

The graphics engine impresses title by detailed three-dimensional scenarios and the realistic movements of the players. As you might expect, some textures are a bit blurry, but the set is undoubtedly very attractive.

If you enjoy basketball, Real Basketball is a title that can not miss in your gadget. With four free modes, dozens of customization and multiple levels of difficulty options, the work has everything to keep you glued to your gadget.


Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is really a game that deserves mention: it is fun, totally free and with discrete bottom of the screen that appear only in the intervals between one match and another ad.

The feature that most pleases is the style of game, which is totally casual, but at the same time appreciates the achievements of the player reward good games with tickets used to ensure new scenarios in the game.

Your mission is to score maximum points in a similar toys arcade, you only has some balls and a basket within a limited space environment.

Before you begin, choose the theme of the game. There are five options, but only the first is unlocked – after starting the theme “Arcade”, you need to earn points in the game tickets and, with them, new scenarios can be enabled.


Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot is a game made for those who loves to play basketball. With it, you have plenty of fun games in which a ball and is ready to use the basket.

To control the ball is easy: you just need to touch the screen and slide your finger across the display to indicate the location where it will be launched. Then wait until it hits the basket and increase your points. The more hits followed, the more points you earn.

The Basketball Shoot game is quite fun and can even be considered essential for anyone who likes basketball. The app brings challenges of high quality in various aspects and should not disappoint you even if you have a high level of demand.

The game’s graphics are 2D, with illustrations combine with the very theme of the game. The change of scenery as the game progresses is another plus point of the Basketball Shoot. Thus, gaming is not tiring.

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