Best Free NFL Games App for Android Smartphones

List of best and free NFL games for the Android Smartphones and tablets, NFL is United States national football league.


NFL Pro 2013

NFL Pro 2013 is an outstanding release from Gameloft for fans of football and more specifically the NFL. Furthermore, it can be a good ally in wait for the launch of Madden NFL 13.

The game is completely free, but the player must buy credits to unlock new teams, stadiums and other resources (such as increasing the time of quarters ). Only then can evolve more quickly.

Despite having controls that usually adapt well the possibilities of Android all the needs of the sport, such a format turns out to be quite cumbersome. After all, having to join game coins to unlock new moves (needed to win) is something that makes little sense for the player.

One of the coolest new features, however, is the introduction of a camera into first person at the time of the initial passes. Soon after combining all the moves, you take control of the quarterback and should select for whom you must pass. From there, just press the number of the player at the top of the screen and continue to move.

However, there are negative aspects, such as excessive complexity that the game brings in its interface. Are several moves, menus and many possibilities, which ends up making the game a little less bureaucratic and time of action.

Despite then problems, NFL Pro 2013 is a good choice for football fans looking for a good simulation of the sport. Being free collaborates enough for downloading is recommended. The only problem, however, is having to unlock every last detail of the game gradually. If you survive it, certainly have fun with the game.



NFL Kicker 13

NFL Kicker 13 is a very cool game for anyone who is a fan of football and follows the NFL, but it is a streamlined application too much for you to pay for your download – and still have to spend on credits for faster evolution.

The graphics of the game are a plus. Despite offering low quality animations (during the celebrations of the players), overall, the game has excellent graphics quality.

The images are in high definition, with uniform and very faithful to the original 32 teams in the National Football League shield. You can even customize your kicker , with name and shirt number of the player.

It is logical to try to score as many points as possible and unlock the different levels of competition is interesting, but only one mode of play is very little for a paid app.


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