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My Music Recognition is an application for those who want to know what is the name of the song you are currently listening. The application works with many players and also with songs heard on the internet directly on video and music sharing services.

So you dispense the work of performing searches: the program identifies the track running and loads the data automatically. Even if you keep it running in the background, the application is very lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources, so that you do not suffer with crashes or other problems.

To function properly you need to install a second application, called Virtual Audio Capture Grabber – to facilitate the task, it is already present in the contents of this download.

Sometimes you’re just surfing the web and listening to different music, whether in a commercial or one of the pages in which you passed. When a sound arouses interest, it is not uncommon to try to discover which was the music or the author through research. However, the task is not the easiest, especially if you know nothing about the song.

The purpose of the My Music Recognition is help you obtain the name of any song quickly and easily. Once installed, and while active, the application is placed in the System Tray and remains active in the background until you start listening to a song – a situation in which it performs its function.

The program does not have an interface itself and all its functions are opened via the context menu of the icon.

Music Recognition

Music Recognition

Viewing the data

As mentioned, the program operation is automatic and all you need to do to use it is playing a song, regardless of source. Then, the application proceeds to perform the analysis of the sound, and when it obtains a result, the displays as a message in the notification area of ​​Windows.

Likewise, you can click the right mouse button on this icon in the System Tray for additional functionality. There, you can see the name of the song playing and also the list of all sounds running on your computer (while the application was active). In addition, some options are offered to research.

Through the program, you can open the item on YouTube, SoundCloud or get the letter in SongLyrics. In addition, there is also how to find data on Discogs, Wikipedia and fan pages on Facebook.

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