Best Free First Person Shooter Games for Android Smartphones

We have collected some of the  best First Person Shooter(FPS) games for android tablets and smartphones. From these list you can find free and paid games.


Dead Trigger (Free)

Dead Trigger manages to maintain the highest level presented in all games developed by Madfinger. The game shows a well-constructed plot, controls with good answers and really impressive graphics.

From the map you realize that everything in the game was developed with much care. Phases bring scenarios well constructed and full of details. A building in the distance, for example, includes details such as fire escapes, old advertising signs or plants, which helps compose the atmosphere of the games.

There are a variety of elements and textures, something that also contributes much to make the phases of the most attractive game. The weapons of the character are well made and shows many details in its construction.


Blitz Brigade – FPS online (Free)

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun is a game of first-person shooter with a casual appeal that will captivate gamers of all ages. Here, you join the team of Allies or Axis in hallucinating battles involving machine guns, grenades and some more explosive weapons.

The control scheme uses a classic layout easy to understand. To move the soldier, just slide your finger anywhere on the left of the screen, while the same gesture of the right hand moves the camera position. Finally, a button on the sights a little lower down format serves to unload the weapons to targets.


NOVA 3 (Paid)

Despite their large size (the game takes up about 2GB of your device), NOVA 3 offers some of the best graphics currently available on mobile devices. So be prepared to gape with incredible lighting effects, reflections and shadows that make your adventure even more realistic.

However, players who value the plot will probably be quite disappointed with the main plot of the campaign NOVA 3 Totally predictable, shallow and full of cliche, the story only serves as a pretext to justify the good old shootout.

Despite being a little strange at first, the controls are quite functional and accurate. The auto aim may frustrate some of the most demanding players, but without it lost during the incessant shootings becomes something constant and annoying.

So if you own a device and want to test your power with a great game, try NOVA 3, since it can also be one of the best games that you can come to download.


World War Z

If you are addicted to adventure games and shooting zombies posing as targets, World War Z is a title that can not miss in your library. Here, you face an apocalypse that has just begun a major Japanese metropolis.

To survive, you must dodge the bullet and have open seats in all creatures that arise. It is also essential to explore scenarios in search of documents, items, weapons, ammunition and anything else that might be helpful.

The first feature that stands out is the control scheme focused on exploration with a more casual appeal, since it is not necessary to pull a trigger to shoot guns or control a virtual D-pad to move the protagonist.

In fact, although there is some freedom to explore small alleyways and rooms, the story unfolds in a sequence on rails chia impressive cut scenes. Nevertheless, the difficulty level is satisfactory and provides a pleasant game play gadgets.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The game, developed by Gameloft, has always been known for the frenetic action and impressive visuals – improved with each new release. As is customary, here you also need to save the whole world in a war against extremely dangerous terrorists. The problem is that now the threat is more real than ever.  There was a devastating nuclear attack, followed by hijacking some of the major world leaders.

With all this going on, you can not score silly and should join a group of elite soldiers to save all these personalities before the nations of the earth collapse.



Other Recommended FPS games:

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun (Free)

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