Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android Smartphones

We have the best free drag racing games for android devices, these racing are very entertaining and additive. You can play these racing games offline and online with your friends.


Hot Rod Racers

Hot Rod Racers is a game that puts you inside the cockpit of a tuned car as a driver of illegal disputes the streets of several cities and towns around the world. The dynamics of matches has secret: you need to step on the accelerator and make changing gears as accurately as possible, preventing the vehicle lose performance or stop damaging the engine.

Also, your car has the good old nitro cylinders thrusters capable of doing your powerful practically off the asphalt. All these features are controlled and operated through virtual buttons displayed on your smartphone or tablet display.
Another important thing you should keep in mind while playing Hot Rod Racers is who will be participating in illegal races, the popular and dangerous cracks. Thus, there is no rule beyond whoever receives the checkered flag first is the winner. That means you can throw your car against your opponent to make it off the runway. For this, all you need to do is turn the gadget sideways.

Every race held, you are rewarded with experience points and coins which serve to unlock scenarios and acquire new cars and upgrades – including exchange of engine, suspension, gearbox, brakes and tires.



CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a game of torn with traditional mechanics that was developed especially for people who like to complete drag racing games. A lot of upgrades, vehicles and possibilities will keep hardcore gamers glued to their gadgets for long.

The intuitive control scheme facilitates gambling, because just stepping on the gas pedal and push a button to switch gears at the right time. In addition, a small red indicator on the dashboard indicates the best time for exchange, helping the less experienced players to take full advantage of the engine.

The Quick Start mode, the single player campaign and the online multiplayer mode (with integration to Facebook) provide a complete set of possibilities for gamers of all types, resulting in hours of fun.
The 3D graphics are another prominent feature, since the vehicles were well modeled and night scenarios abuse the light effects to draw attention. Another good attribute is that, despite the beauty, CSR Racing is a lightweight title that should run in an agile way for older units.



Drag Racing

Drag Racing is an addictive game where every win makes you want to run more. The first step is to choose which car you want to compete. You have $ 15,000 to buy one of the three models available.

To help you choose, select the Test Drive option and make a test run with each of the cars. Prices range between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 is important to analyze the value, because money makes you can improve your car.



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