Best Free Celebrity Drawing App for Android Phone

How to Draw: Celebrities is an best application-tutorial that was created especially for people who are learning to draw and would like to train with simple portraits of famous artists such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Eminem, for instance.

When you run the program, a list is immediately loaded with hundreds celebrities. You can check out a thumbnail of the
design and the level of difficulty, such as “Easy” (Easy), “Normal” and “Hard” (Hard).

When selecting a character, is born a complete editor in which all the tools appear at the top of the display. You can
change the zoom with a pinch gesture format and slide your finger across the display to change the camera position. To get
the step by step, tap the arrow in the lower right corner.

Draw: Celebrities

The mechanical step by step tutorials is extremely interesting, as each trait and shape appears gradually, making life
easier for the less experienced designers. The ability to draw directly on the screen of the gadget also pleasing, but it
will not be very useful for people who do not have a device with high precision screen and a stylus.

One limitation that is worth mentioning is that many guides are blocked by default. Even so, it is easy to release them
watching a advertising video. Thus, those who can not or do not want to spend on microtransactions need not worry.

If you are studying design and would like to train their skills, How to Draw: Celebrities is a very interesting option, especially if you’re into celebrities of the music world such as Britney Spears, Channing Tatum and Michael Jackson, for example.


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