Best Free Car Racing Games For Android Smartphones

List of best free car racing games for android devices, these game allows you to choose different popular brand racing car, and you race these car in the real world environment.


The Asphalt series is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious when it comes to breakneck Asphalt 8racing. This latest version of the game released simultaneously to Android and iOS, you will find new tracks and vehicles to test their skills as a pilot.

The control scheme follows the same pattern of the previous games because tilt the gadget in the desired direction to turn. The brake is activated by touching the left side of the display, while the right side serves to release the turbo (“Propulsion”).

If you want to make a drift, you should use once the brake in the middle of a curve and incline the gadget to dose slippage. The technique is essential indoors and helps prevent strikes.

From the main menu, all options appear in small animated windows right and bottom side of the interface. At first, you have access to “CAREER: SEASON 1”. To free up more lanes, you must earn stars getting good results.

Any vehicle can have its attributes enhanced to “IMPROVE”. There are four available categories: “Acceleration”,  “Speed. Max.”, “Driveability” and “Propulsion”.



CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a racing game that puts players to participate in cracks in three-dimensional scenarios to make your jaw drop. To start competing, justCRS_racing click Next and buy your first vehicle.

The second screen displays the garage, where you can find the store new cars (CAR DEALER), upgrades and customization options. When you have finished managing your fireballs, just click Next to display the screen missions.

When the handle to start the throttle positioned in the lower right corner is used only in the moment of departure. Then you have to use the blue arrows to continue to shift gears. A red light helps you to find the best time to return, as the time changes as the vehicle.

Every time you run a race, you will be entitled to withdraw an award, regardless of their position. With this, you can make modifications to your car, how to change the colors, change tires, put stickers and improve motor.

Thus, it is possible to compete in the fiercest races and improve the whole performance of your vehicle – and leave you with a totally unique style, of course. If you’re already sick of the same model, there is also the possibility to buy new cars and leave the old ones stored in the garage.



Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D is a racing game that puts you to accelerate at full speed in the middle of Fast Racing 3Dmodern cities filled with buses and other vehicles. As you can imagine, the mission is to overcome the opponents and come first. In urban tracks filled with obstacles and other vehicles, the goal is to leave opponents in the dust and, of course, come first.

The game play is very good, considering that the movements are done through the accelerometer. The car does not follow 100% the inclination of the device, but turns smoother and more controlled manner, helping gamer to make the curves smoothly.

The lanes are wide and there are many bonuses to pick up and interact, making it attractive gambling for players seeking casual fun. The scenarios are varied and the store has flashier options, although presses are salted, making little upgrades accessible for those not wishing to spend a few dollars with micro transactions.


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