Best Free Business Card Maker Software

Free Business Card Maker is a program that provides mechanisms with which you are able to create personalized business cards, allowing the establishment of a visual identity for your role within the company that hires him or his own venture.

To facilitate this process since its inception, the software has 13 predetermined card formats, which have varying heights and widths. After selecting the size of the item that will make your presentation, you can choose to edit the front, back or both sides of the card.

Time to mount it, you can define whether it will have edges, insert a background image, add text boxes and include geometric figures such as circles, rectangles and lines. All these elements can be resized and positioned the way you think best.

After finalizing your creation, you can save the project in a very extension of Free Business Card Maker, print it (if the computer is connected to a printer) and export it in different image formats, including JPG, BMP and PNG.

During our analysis, the increase in the demand of both RAM and CPU was almost negligible. This means that the Free Business Card Maker can execute on any less powerful system.


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