Best Free Boxing Games for Android Smartphone

List of best boxing game for android tablets and smartphones, boxing is the one the most popular physical combat game, which involves two persons.


Real Boxing

Real Boxing is a boxing game that uses all the power of graphics processors NVIDIA Tegra 3 to bring realistic fighters and breathtaking scenes. In the role of a novice, you should develop your skills in a professional league.

The control scheme takes advantage of the touch screen very well, since all commands are activated by gestures. The right and left side of the screen also serve to define the direction of the strokes.

During the fights, the red bar positioned on top of the interface is the life of the fighter, while the yellow bar indicates the breath. You can purchase immediate upgrades to the athlete at the gym (GYM) through micro or participate in mini games.

The customization options excite the large amount of possibilities, it is possible to change the color of clothing, choose various types of tattoos and change small details such as the beard and mustache.

The graphics engine displays high quality images able to be the envy of many great titles seen in the last generation consoles. The animations and movements of boxers are realistic and show great whim on the part of developers.



International Boxing Champions

If you enjoy fighting games and action but are sick of the traditional sports, the International Boxing Champions puts down to fancy androids beating to death on your screen gadget and it is free.

The game play is extremely simplified because there is only one D-pad and two basic types of attack. Thus, players need to concentrate the maximum to try to predict the movements of the opponent.

The upbeat song, which mixes rock with Rap, combines perfectly with the aggressive style of play . The effects of the blows, kicks and special skills are always clean and very realistic.


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