Best Free Action Games for Android Smartphone

We have listed some the best and free action games for your android smartphones and tablets, from which you can enjoy top action and arcade games.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZoneshadowgun

This is a continuation of the famous shooting game in the third person – it is now also available for devices Android and iOS.

Here, however, you should not explore large maps, facing giant henchmen and monsters, because the action is even greater. This time everything happens in “deathmatch” format – and you need to fight against other real players from around the world.



Vector is a game of skill and quick thinking that puts players in the role of a man with many problems. After rebelling in job and decides to escape
the office, the young man must run from the police by jumping over buildings of a mega city.

Not to be caught, the protagonist needs to take advantage of their skills in Parkour, jump long distances and dodge dozens of obstacles. In the middle of each race, you can find bright icons that indicate the ability to do special maneuvers.


 Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a game of adventure racing played by none other than Sonic, one of the most popular games of the characters. In it, you will have tosonic-dash run incredible distances and full of challenges, face enemies and overcome all obstacles, and collect the famous rings.

How far can you drive the porcupine faster and famous of the world? Sonic Dash, you should run infinitely, breaking records away. What’s more, you can drive the incredible movement of Sonic shot that allows him to run insane speeds and destroy everything in your path!




The GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D is a flight combat title that puts players to pilot helicopters armed to the war. To move the aircraft, all you GUNSHIP_BATTLEneed to do is tilt your device in the desired direction.

The two arrows on the left of the display are used to skip forward and back, and the right buttons are in charge of launching missiles and pull the trigger of the machine gun. Each mission has specific objectives that are shown at the beginning.

As you progress in the game, you can buy upgrades in “Office” and new helicopters in “Shop”. There is also a world ranking for the most hardworking gamer compete scores.


Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD

In Star Warfare: Alien Invasion HD, you find a game third-person shooter that puts players to guide a brave soldier space. The goal of the “marine” isStar-Warfare to end hundreds of alien creatures that have invaded various spatial bases.

You has a control scheme widely used in other titles in the genre. To guide the character, just use an analog D-pad which is in the lower left corner of the screen. In turn, the action button, which serves to attack, is positioned to the right.

Each round annihilation yields a sum of money for your hero. Funds can be used at the online store to buy some armor, backpacks and more powerful electronic weapons.


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