Best Facebook App for Android Smartphone and Tablets

List of best free Official and unofficial application for you to open social network (Facebook) on the small screen of your Android.

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android is very useful for those who enjoy the social network and the access through your Android application. The program interface is completely renovated and a perfect fit even for devices with smaller screens.

When you open the program, you are directed to the News Feed automatically, but you can switch to the profile screen just opening the alternatives present in the left side of the screen. Also, whenever you receive new messages, friend requests and comments, they are informed in the notification bar of the device.

Additionally, accessing private messages is done quickly by means of a button provided on the screen. Also, you can view the updates of your friends as if you were opening your browser, and share content, enjoy and comment often.



Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging social network app, a simple and direct channel for you to chat with your friends privately. This app also lets you create conversations in groups and has several extra tools to increase the crop.

Through it, you can send text, photos, images gallery, voice messages, emojis and emoticons, all with just a touch. Now, you can send any kind of message with just a touch, ensuring incredible agility for your chat. Check out.

The application is still able to make calls to other contacts via the data of your service provider or network connection via WiFi. You can also check if the person is online or when was the last time the user entered the application, in addition to silence notifications see the timeline on Facebook, a map of where the person is and the phone number.

Facebook Messenger is divided into four main tabs: a list of all their individual conversations list with all your group conversations, a complete list of users that use the Messenger and who are available to talk at the moment (either on the PC or smarphone) and general settings.



Fast Facebook

The Fast Facebook is an application that impresses by its beauty. Compared to much of the apps that provide access to social networking, it certainly stands out and deserves the download. All functions bring quite clear icons and if you’re already used to using Facebook, should have no difficulty in identifying the tools for images of menus.

The ability to customize the background of the application gives even more positive points to the application and, if you do not count images that appeal to you, do not worry, because the Fast Facebook brings quality pictures to make the look of your profile even better, but remember that the substantive changes made here do not affect the way other people view your profile.



Go! Chat

Go! Chat for Facebook is a simple app to use and will help you stay always connected to your friends. It does not require you to have any experience with the Android guy and shows online for you to choose friends who will chat, which saves a lot of time on a daily basis.

The graphical interface it is quite modern and pleasant, with a perfect fit to the screen horizontally. Another positive point that Go! Chat for Facebook brings is the system of automatic responses sent when your gadget is with the locked screen. You can customize the message to leave it as you want.



Atrium to Facebook

Atrium for Facebook is an alternative to the official version of the program developed by own Facebook client. The application appears as an option for those who want to use the largest social network on the planet so a little different.

Before you start to use it, be aware of the fact that you have to allow the program to have full access to your information within Facebook. Only then the software is able to work with all its tools and resources.

In the first section, you find your timeline and all the news. Second, you have in a very concise way the latest updates of each of your friends (they appear very similar way to Twitter, for example). In the third and last column there is the chat, the place where you can exchange messages with all your contacts.

Note that in the middle column, although there is a summary of updates if you hit on some friend will also find a short summary of their profiles.

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